Ghost of Kyiv mural unveiled in Ukrainian capital in celebration of Aviation Day

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Ghost of Kyiv mural
Ghost of Kyiv mural

According to the charity, the mural represents not one pilot, but the entire 40th Tactical Aviation Brigade, which defended the skies above Kyiv in the first days of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Mural artist Andriy Kovtun was invited to realize the idea based on a photo. For his work, the artist chose a photograph of one of the pilots of the 40th tactical aviation brigade, who is presumably now serving in the ranks of the Ukrainian Air Force.

The pilot of the Ghost of Kyiv is depicted in the cockpit of the famous Mig-29 aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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The work on the creation of the mural began on Aug. 19.

This is not the first time the Ghost of Kyiv, who is supposed to have shot down dozens of enemy planes during Russia's war against Ukraine has been depicted in art: Japanese artists recently created a comic about the legendary Ukrainian pilot.

Ukrainian air force officials say the Ghost of Kyiv legend stands for the exploits of the whole of the 40th Tactical Aviation Brigade.

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Military experts had expected Russia to suppress and then destroy Ukraine’s much weaker air force in the first hours of the invasion.

However, it later emerged that many Ukrainian aircraft had been moved from base or were in the air when the initial Russian attacks started.

With the acquisition of more western air defense systems, Russian warplanes and helicopters no longer fly into Ukrainian controlled airspace, but mostly remain over occupied or Russian territory when launching air strikes, the Ukrainian military says.

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