Giant data leak spells new woe for Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse faces fresh trouble.

Over the weekend a group of media outlets published the results of a probe into leaked data on thousands of the bank's accounts.

The records go back to the 1940s.

Among the allegations are that the bank's clients included human rights abusers and businessmen who were under sanctions.

The leaked data was first given to Germany's Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.

It shared it with other news organizations including the New York Times, Britain's Guardian newspaper and France's Le Monde.

Credit Suisse has rejected all allegations of wrongdoing.

It says the matters presented are largely historical, or based on partial and selective information.

The bank says about 90% of the accounts in question are closed, or were already being closed before it was contacted by the news organizations.

Of those that remain, Credit Suisse says it's confident it's done all appropriate checks.

However, Switzerland's financial watchdog says it's contacted the bank over the allegations.

And it's just the latest headache for the lender, which has faced a string of scandals.

Credit Suisse shares were down around 2% by mid-morning Monday (February 21).