Giant Lego-like bricks could be the future of construction

Smart Bricks - A New Way to Build video screenshot

Lego bricks are great for building toy houses, but one company has taken things a step further by modelling a new "smart brick" on the toy.

The brainchild of Kite Bricks, Smart Bricks look almost exactly like large-scale Lego bricks, with raised knobs along the top that slot into grooves in the bottom of other bricks which allow them to snap together.

The bricks are made from high-strength concrete, held in place by adhesive rather than mortar, and reinforced by steel bars if necessary.

They feature unique thermal properties which the company claims could make them more energy efficient, in addition to creating opportunities for faster and cheaper construction, shaving up to 50 percent of building costs.

Currently in the prototype phase, Kite Bricks is working on launching the product officially, but the group has ambitious plans for the concept.

"While we anticipate choosing certain markets for initial block penetration, we do believe that the block will find acceptance throughout the world," it explains on its website.

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