Giant statue of Trump as Warhammer warrior revealed at parade in Italy

Sarah Harvard

A gigantic statue of what appears to depict President Donald Trump as a horrifying Twitter sword-wielding “God-Emperor” character from the Warhammer 40,000 video games loomed over Italy during a weekend parade over the weekend.

Fabrizio Galli, the creator of the menacing sculpture, said he was inspired by Warhammer 40,000 because the period of intellectual debate has been long gone, and that the world has now “entered the era of fantasy” and “virtual life.”

The Trump-like statue is carrying a sword with the Italian phrase “dazi vostri,” inscribed and blue Twitter birds fluttering around the weapon.

Speaking with the Italian press, Mr Galli said the phrase in the sword can also mean “here’s your f***ing tarrifs.” On Twitter, Italian social media users pointed out that the Italian phrase is a play on “cazzi vostri,” which translates to “none of your f***ing business.”

The Twitter sword is “a joke,” the Italian artist said.

“It’s a joke, but in fact he’s trying to destroy nations with the economy instead of nuclear missiles,” Mr Galli told the Italian media. “This is one of the strongest actions, let’s say, that powerful people like Trump can use.”

The frightening sculpture, sitting atop a float named “Master Drone,” is seen waving his clawed hand while scowling at onlookers.

The statue was made for the Carnevale Di Viarreggio, an annual festival, known for its papier-mâché sculptures, with about 600,000 people attending in Tuscany.

Mr Galli gave a more in-depth explanation on the festival’s website about how the American president, which he snidely referred to as “God Emperor Trump,” inspired him to create the sculpture.

“Donald wants to go back to the moon, travel to Mars and create the first space army,” Mr Galli said. “Ultras Marines? Mega Marines? The time of intellectuals, philosophers and of old and worn culture is over. We have entered the era of fantasy, [video games] and virtual life.”

He added, “the Master-Drone flies over the Viareggio boardwalk as we prepare to pay the price.”