A giant unicorn, a melted cheese stool and other wonders from the Milan Fair

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Satsuki Ohata's fondue stool

The Milan Furniture Fair, the biggest event in interior decorating and design, is also the stage for a few eccentricities seemingly taken straight from the designers' fantasies.

A fondue stool

Japanese designer Satsuki Ohata conceived the bright yellow and bizarrely shaped "Fondue Stool" after enjoying a cheese fondue. Just as you dip a piece of bread into the gooey cheese, the designer dipped pieces of sponge into melted PVC. Once dry, the little sculpture becomes rigid and can support a man's weight. (Price upon inquiry)

Rocking Unicorn

Rocking horses are no longer relegated to the kids' playroom. From now on they totally have their place in the living room and other living areas. Marcel Wanders, cofounder of the design label Moooi, decided to adjust the dimensions to suit adults and turn one into the legendary animal by adding a horn. (Price upon inquiry)


Cappellini has also gone down the animal road with this huge happy panda, which in fact is a lamp created by Italian designer Paola Navone. (Price on inquiry)


Ron Arad is familiar with sculpture furniture. The designer has conjured up all of his creativity, for Italian design studio Moroso, with the "Matrizia" sofa. Resembling a contorted mattress, the inspiration for this piece came to this architect while, when on a walk in New York City, he came across an abandoned mattress in the street. "Matrizia" is a combination of the word "mattress" and the name "Patrizia," for Patrizia Moroso, creative director of the brand. (Price upon inquiry)

The modern Chesterfield

The "Mutation Chair" is billed as an evolution of the traditional Chesterfield, instantly recognizable with its distinctive tufted upholstery. The volume of the tufts is multiplied on this creation by designer Maarten de Ceulaer for Cappellini. (Price upon inquiry)