Giants corner James Bradberry says he has nothing to apologize for after missing game

Pat Leonard, New York Daily News

NEW YORK — Giants corner James Bradberry thinks he did nothing wrong to become a high-risk close contact to a chiropractor unaffiliated with the Giants that tested positive for coronavirus.

Bradberry missed Sunday’s loss to the Cardinals because of it. His absence killed the Giants’ defense.

“I couldn’t really say I blame myself,” Bradberry said Wednesday. “It’s just a predicament because of COVID. It was an uncontrollable accident that happened.”

Bradberry explained that he was introduced to the chiropractor when he arrived in New York.

“I found out that he was with the Jets, maybe I thought our first or second meeting after we got talking,” Bradberry added. “But I had been working with him since the beginning of training camp. Of course, he got popped with a positive COVID test later in the season. But I knew he was with the Jets, so I knew he was getting tested every day. I didn’t really see it as a problem.”

No problem, James: just Browns QB Baker Mayfield throwing at will against a depleted secondary because of an easily avoided, poor decision by one of the Giants’ best players.