Giants Fans Will Need Vaccination Documents or Negative COVID Test to Enter Ballpark

The Giants home opener is Friday afternoon and this season: no cardboard cutouts but real, live fans in the stands. Andria Borba reports. (4-8-21)

Video Transcript

- Here's looking live at Oracle Park this evening. The wait is almost over for Giants fans. Hours from now, real people, not cardboard cutouts, will be returning to the stands for the team's home opener.

- KPIX 5's Andria Borba live at Oracle Park tonight. And fans are going to need more than just their ticket to get into the game, huh?

ANDRIA BORBA: It's a little more complicated than it used to be to get into a Giants game this season as we push through this COVID-19 pandemic. But this will be the first large-scale event here in San Francisco since the pandemic began.

The bunting is up. And in just a few hours, the statue of Willie Mays won't be quite so lonely at the corner of 3rd and King.

- I have dearly missed baseball. And those cardboard cutouts.


ANDRIA BORBA: The Giants home opener is tomorrow at 1:05, and this year, no cardboard cutouts, but real life fans in the stands-- 8,900 of them, to be exact.

STACI SLAUGHTER: To be able to play before fans, I know our players are excited. The organization is really excited.

ANDRIA BORBA: You will need more than just a ticket to get in, though. And if you need a hint, look no further than the "Vax Up!" painted on the field.

STACI SLAUGHTER: That includes being two weeks post your final vaccine. And you can show an electronic copy. You can bring a paper copy. And we're asking fans to be prepared to show those documents.

ANDRIA BORBA: If you are not fully vaccinated or not two weeks passed your final dose, you will also need a negative COVID test from no later than 72 hours before first pitch.

STACI SLAUGHTER: Be prepared to show a copy of a negative COVID test. The results need to be received.

ANDRIA BORBA: Fans will be seated in pods in nine zones throughout the stadium and we'll enter the gate closest to their seat. When it comes time for peanuts and Cracker Jacks, concessions will be run via an app or QR code.

STACI SLAUGHTER: And you'll get a text to tell you when it's ready. And you walk up to your designated concession stand and pick up your food.

ANDRIA BORBA: No Crazy Crab for now, just hot dogs, Tony's pizza, Ghirardelli sundaes, and, of course, garlic fries.

Now, as the county of San Francisco moves through the state's color-coded tier system, they hope to allow more fans and as the season moves along, perhaps take away some of the pod restrictions, the zone restrictions, and maybe even get those Crazy Crabs and some of those bowls back. Live in San Francisco tonight at Oracle Park, Andria Borba, KPIX 5.

- Minor inconveniences we can put up with to get back to normal. Andria, thanks.