Gigi Hadid Just Followed Tyler C. From ’The Bachelorette’ on Instagram and My World Is Crumbling Down

Hannah Chambers
Photo credit: Getty Images / ABC

From Cosmopolitan

Gigi Hadid just followed Tyler Cameron from The Bachelorette on Instagram...and I am having a complete and total meltdown. I’m not telling you this news so that you can console me. I’m flagging this culturally significant event so that you can freak out too. You might think that this is the most NBD news of the century, but trust me, it’s not.

For the thirstiest members of Bachelor Nation, Tyler has officially transitioned from potentially attainable Bachelorette hottie to Way Out of All of Our Leagues. Just a few weeks ago, Chris Harrison was narrating his regular shmegular hometown visit. Now, Tyler appears to have a chance with Gigi freaking Hadid, the woman whose eyes are tattooed on the chest of a hunky former member of One Direction.

I sound like I’m overreacting, but we do kinda live in a world where this type of thing is a big deal. Celebrities don’t follow just anyone. They have ratios to maintain! The sacred “following” tab sends a clear message about who they do and don’t eff with, which is why we care when Khloe unfollows Jordyn and Tristan or launch full-blown investigations to see if Irina Shayk ever followed Lady Gaga. No, this isn’t the greatest development we’ve achieved as humans beings, but it’s a thing that we do, so here we are.

So, yes, Gigi Hadid following Tyler C. is significant. He now lives among the ranks of the 1,039 people the supermodel has dubbed cool enough to follow. (BTW, not even Kim Kardashian, Meghan Markle, or, like, Cher made the cut.)

Perhaps the most ridiculous part of this entire situation (and by situation, I mean me alerting the masses that Gigi Hadid has followed our fav Bachelorette contestant) is that this shit works. Like, if Gigi really is trying to slide into Tyler’s DMs...she’s doing it in a very big way that his other one million followers just could not pull off. It seems like if you’re a celebrity, you literally just have to tap a button to make a very effective move. So, yeah. Have fun swiping through Bumble later, I guess.

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