From gin to disinfectant: Distiller joins coronavirus fight

The coronavirus outbreak is prompting businesses to make big changes to help fight against the spread of the virus.

Belgian distiller Rubbens is one.

It's switching its gin production line to make hand sanitizer.

Hendrik Beck is the distillery manager:


"Last week we were bottling gin, now we're filling up disinfection alcohol. It's pretty unreal for us, but we are happy to help out people."

The switch isn't too hard.

Hand sanitizer is alcohol-based, though it's treated to make it undrinkable.

And Rubbens is far from alone in pitching in.

Scottish drinks firm BrewDog is also making sanitizer. As is LVMH - the luxury giant which owns Louis Vuitton and other brands.

It's switching several perfume production lines to make disinfectant.