Gingrich: Let's Have a 60-Day Discussion Before Convention

Jonathan Miller

Win, lose or draw in the primaries in Mississippi and Alabama on Tuesday, Newt Gingrich vowed to stay in for the long-run, saying he wants to have a "60-day discussion" between the end of the primary season and the convention about who will be the GOP nominee.

When asked on Fox News’s Fox & Friends whether Tuesday's voting would be his “last hurrah,” Gingrich responded: “It’s a pretty long hurrah. I think we have a long stretch ahead of us.” He later said he plans to take the fight “all the way to Tampa,” the site of the GOP convention in August.

Gingrich predicted that Mitt Romney would continue to amass the most delegates, but not enough to win the nomination. “I think he’ll have the most delegates but not a majority,” he said, which would prompt what he referred to as a "60-day discussion" prior to the convention.

Gingrich also fired back at the Obama administration, which engaged the former speaker on his $2.50-a-gallon gas plan on Monday. Obama spokesperson Jay Carney said that “any politician who pledges to the American people that he or she has a three-point plan to cut the price of gasoline to $2 or $2.50 is not on the level," adding that, “such a plan does not exist, at least not such a plausible plan.”

Gingrich responded that he would debate Obama on the issue, and that the president has “followed a deliberately anti-American energy policy. He believes in a fantasyland where companies like Solyndra are going to magically solve things.”