Girl, 12, Among Two Wounded In South LA Drive-By Shooting

A woman and a 12-year-old girl were hurt in a shooting in a residential South Los Angeles neighborhood Sunday night.

Video Transcript

- Now at 4:30, a weekend of gun violence in LA leaves several people injured, including a 12-year-old girl who was shot in the leg. That girl and a woman were shot when someone opened fire at a birthday party.

- KCAL9's Joy Benedict is live in South LA with details to this horrific story. Joy.

JOY BENEDICT: Yeah guys. You know, I've talked to multiple people in various neighborhoods all over the Southland who all describe the gun violence they're seeing in recent months as simply crazy. We are live this evening in front of the 77th community police station that is investigating that shooting involving that six-year-old girl. They say two men drove up in a car. One got out and opened fire on that crowd. And tonight neighbors want answers. Crime scene tape is a reminder to those passing by of the violence that still echoes in this South LA community.

- I was in my room. And I thought it was firecrackers.

JOY BENEDICT: But those who live here don't need a reminder.

- See, right here.

JOY BENEDICT: Marsha, who didn't want us to use her last name, woke up to realize her car was struck by gunfire twice. And the bullet was still lodged in her door.

- Imagine the kids. The trauma that our kids have to deal with in our community. And I'm saying why?

JOY BENEDICT: It was last night around 7:00 PM in broad daylight, that gunfire rang out on this corner of West 74th and South Hobart. A family celebrating a grandmother's birthday was outside playing football, when a 12-year-old girl was shot in the leg, a 37-year-old woman shot in the stomach.

- I just started praying because I know prayer changes things.

JOY BENEDICT: Both victims survive, but she and other neighbors want more than prayers to save their community.

- I think there needs to be some more intervention in terms of putting cameras up to patrol.

- The devil is busy is what I can say.

JOY BENEDICT: This was not the only shooting this weekend. Three men were also shot yesterday morning at this bar in East LA and the LA County Sheriff is investigating five homicides from Saturday and Sunday alone. The Los Angeles Police Department is reporting 103 homicides and 412 people shot so far this year.

- It breaks my heart most of all. I'm a mother, a grandmother. And it's so painful for me to see that everyone has so much hate in families.

JOY BENEDICT: As for this shooting, on this street, neighbors just hope the suspect is caught so their community can heal.

- Imagine her trauma, you know. And I pray that she gets some additional help.

JOY BENEDICT: Now that little girl that was shot we are told is out of the hospital. She is recovering at home. The woman who was shot is still hospitalized here today. And police-- they need help. You've got to understand that I talked to numerous neighbors in that community today and they simply said you know, I'm not comfortable giving me their last name. They're not comfortable talking to police. Some even said they're not comfortable handing over security video because they are afraid of retaliation. So let me just remind everyone that if you have a tip. If you saw something then. If you've heard something since. You can always call Crime Stoppers and leave a tip anonymously. And that number is 1-800-222-TIPS. Guys.

- All right, Joy. Thank you very much.