Girl about to celebrate 2nd birthday killed when fire tears through home

A little girl about to celebrate her second birthday was killed when a fire tore through her Long Island home early Wednesday.

Video Transcript

LIZ CHO: Well, now to a family tragedy on Long Island. A toddler was killed in a house fire. Witnesses say 23-month-old Majesty Gerald was trapped in the basement when that fire broke out in her family's home. Long Island reporter Kristin Thorne is live in Gordon Heights with the story. Kristin?

KRISTIN THORNE: Liz, neighbors tell me that they saw Majesty Gerald's family members running around the lawn here early this morning, screaming, trying to get into the house to save her.

Cell phone video obtained by Eyewitness News shows two people racing up in a car and flying towards the home.

- What the [BLEEP]!

- Oh no! No [INAUDIBLE]!

KRISTIN THORNE: Neighbors say they heard family members screaming on the front lawn, trying to get to 23-month-old Majesty Gerald, who was in the basement.

MATT REDDY: All of a sudden the father pulled up and he ran, and the cops had to tackle him before he went inside because he was screaming about his daughter. And the mother was just devastated. She was right, she was right here, devastated. She couldn't-- she wanted to get back in. She was burned. She tried to get in.

KRISTIN THORNE: Majesty was pronounced dead on the scene. Police believe her four-year-old sister alerted adults in the home about the fire. It happened around 3 o'clock this morning at the home on Maple Lane in Golden Heights.

Describe the flames for me. Were they huge?

SARA GOMEZ: Yes. Like, it was to the point where I live right next door, I was like-- if they didn't come in the next hour, it was probably going to catch on to our house.

KRISTIN THORNE: Five other people inside the house were uninjured. Police say the fire appears to be accidental. This man identified himself as Majesty's uncle. He says the entire family is in shock.

- She was, you know, she was just like an angel, you know? Like, it's just, it's just sad, you know what I mean? It's just sad.

KRISTIN THORNE: Majesty's four-year-old sister is recovering at a local hospital for minor injuries. Her family has been there with her throughout the day today. The house here is a total loss.