Girl in inflatable T-Rex costume logically crowned homecoming queen

Homecoming dresses are out, and inflatable T-Rex costumes are proudly making their way in.

In Colorado Springs, Colorado, Sarah MacDonald, a high school student, recently decided to wear a giant inflatable T-Rex costume to her homecoming. But instead of being shamed, she was applauded and subsequently crowned homecoming queen.

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"Still can't believe I won homecoming queen because of a T-Rex costume," MacDonald wrote on Twitter.

It's unclear why MacDonald was confused, as inflatable dinosaur costumes are wonderful and beautiful and made for high school royalty.

MacDonald wore the costume for her school's spirit day, capturing the attention of Reddit, Twitter and the children her boyfriend babysits for.

Inflatable T-Rex costumes have captured America (and the Mashable office) by storm this year. 

Crowned "the horse mask of 2016," inflatable T-Rexes have shoveled snow, performed in ballets, and battled like a ninja — in one year alone.

Is there anything an inflatable T-Rex costume can't do? (Don't answer that question.) 

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