Girl raises money for own brain surgery

A 7-year-old Alabama girl is raising money for her own brain surgery by running a lemonade stand. So far, the girl's stand has taken in more than $12,000 in donations, and an online fundraiser has pulled in more than $290,000. (March 4)

Video Transcript

LIZA SCOTT: Do you want to put it in there?

- I can. [INAUDIBLE]


- So what's the money going to go for?

LIZA SCOTT: For my brain thingy, whatever it's called for-- these are my stickers.


ELIZABETH SCOTT: She's selling lemonade. She's got some upcoming brain surgery due to some cerebral malformations that were recently discovered.

LIZA SCOTT: This is fun. I mean, I get my way sometimes. I like to do things that I want to do.