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Girl Scout Cookie Sales Go Online Due To Pandemic Restrictions

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COVID-19 has changed the way so many of us operate, and that includes the Girl Scouts of Greater New York. All their cookies sales are being done online this year due to pandemic restrictions; CBS2's Kiran Dhillon reports.

Video Transcript

- COVID-19 has changed the way so many of us operate, and that includes the Girl Scouts of Greater New York.

- As CBS 2's Karen Dillon shows us, they have moved all their cookie sales online this year.

- (SINGING) You'll love to munch our cookies. What fun it is to eat them. So get a box today before they go away.

KAREN DILLON: Every year, nine-year-old Elisa Wu and her younger sister Amelia take great pride in selling their Girl Scout cookies. But the pandemic has meant they've had to alter how they sell.

ELYSSA WU: I can't go door-to-door talking to everyone while we have to stay six feet apart.

KAREN DILLON: The girls are some of thousands in New York who've had to shift to selling cookies online due to COVID-19. Now, interested buyers can find the Scouts by using a digital cookie connector app, and the girls sell entirely through their online stores.

MERIDITH MASKARA: They came out of the gate so strong, embraced it, and took on the challenge to say, hmm, can we make this bigger and better than we have in the past by doing it all digital?

KAREN DILLON: The CEO of Girl Scouts of Greater New York, Meridith Maskara, says the online initiative has been met with great success. Earlier this month, Troop 6000, the group that serves girls in the New York City shelter system, hit its goal of selling one million boxes of cookies after the initiative went viral.

MERIDITH MASKARA: For the history of New York, this is absolutely shocking and record-breaking.

KAREN DILLON: Maskara adds, while COVID-19 has brought about many challenges for the Scouts, such as limited contact with their fellow members, the girls have remained positive and focused on giving back. That's one reason they're sending the cookies people purchase as donations this year to food pantries.

ELYSSA WU: Cookies are $5 per box.

KAREN DILLON: Elyssa Wu says, while it's been a challenging year for her and her fellow scouts, it's also been rewarding helping the community.

ELYSSA WU: A bunch of people do things for us sometimes, and they don't get to do things for them. But this year, it's time for us to give back to them.

KAREN DILLON: Cookies can be purchased online from now until April. Karen Dillon, CBS 2 News.

- Of course they're successful, they're pros at this whole online thing.

- They're the best.

- They're savvy!

- I know, but I miss the whole interaction thing. That's the-- right? That's 90% of the fun.

- Maybe next year. Maybe next year.

- I know. Hopefully.