How To Find Girl Scout Cookies In Marietta

Kara McIntyre
·2 min read

MARIETTA, GA — The coronavirus pandemic has expanded the number of ways you can get your Girl Scout Cookie fix in Marietta.

The pandemic also handed Girl Scouts a brand-new opportunity to learn in select cities served by the food delivery app Grubhub, according to a news release.

The partnership provides “a hands-on experience in managing e-commerce” for local Girl Scouts, who will track and fulfill orders and manage inventory using Grubhub’s back-end technology.

As of publication Feb. 8, Grubhub's website indicates it does not deliver Girl Scout cookies in Marietta.

However, in many areas, Girl Scouts will be selling cookies in front of stores and businesses, as they always do, but many are offering virtual sales, including Marietta's Troop 81072. Money earned from cookie sales is planned to go to the end-of-year trip/activity, according to the troop's website.

Additionally, here are some in-person sales in Marietta:

  • GNC at Providence Square

    • 4101 Roswell Road #307, Marietta

    • Feb. 10-14, Feb. 17, Feb. 19-21, Feb. 25-28

  • Zion Baptist Church

    • 165 Lemon St., Marietta

    • Feb. 13

  • Belk

    • 3636 Dallas Highway SW, Marietta

    • Feb. 13, Feb. 21

  • Lowe's Home Improvement

    • 2650 Dallas Highway SW, Marietta

    • Feb. 13

  • Bagelicious

    • 1255 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta

    • Feb. 13

  • Biscuits and More

    • 3162 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta

    • Feb. 13-14, Feb. 20, Feb. 27

  • IHOP

    • 3100 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta

    • Feb. 20-21

  • Trader Joe's & Dan's Fan City

    • 4250 Roswell Road, Marietta

    • Feb. 27

You can also get your Girl Scout Cookie fix by:

  • Entering your ZIP code in the Girl Scout Cookie Finder to make sure your money stays with the local troop and council;

  • Downloading the iPhone or Android Cookie Finder app;

  • Asking a Girl Scout to share the link to her virtual sales booth; or

  • Texting COOKIES to 59618.

Local troops and councils keep 74 percent of cookie sales proceeds to support programs and services at the troop and council levels. Nearly a quarter of the money goes to the baker.

None of the Girl Scout cookie sales money goes to the national organization.

Joining favorites such as Thin Mints, Lemonades and Do-si-dos this year are Toast-yay! Cookies. Available in select areas, they are full of French toast flavor and stamped with the Girl Scouts’ signature trefoil on the top.

This article originally appeared on the Marietta Patch