Girl Scout cookies and nutrition

JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s that time of the year when you’ll start to see Girl Scouts selling some of your favorite cookies. It’s a good way to show your support and enjoy a sweet treat.

“Girl Scout cookies. It’s a wonderful time of the year to support the local Girl Scout troops. The money goes back into the local troops especially for camp and other things that they need and a way to really support that is the cookies,” said Freeman Health System Dietitian, Heather Richards.

And there’s a long list of delicious choices when you buy a box. But you may want to develop some strategies to make sure you’re making healthy choices.

“The reason they consider them healthier is they have a little bit less carbs and a little less fat than some of the others, such as the thin mint and the shortbread. And the reason why you get four cookies for the same amount as you get with two and sometimes, we eat with our eyes more than we do with our stomach,” said Richards.

And portion control is a key way to enjoy these limited time cookies.

“Ways to kind of help with our portions is if you really enjoyed the cookies, share with others — if you’re going to church or family get togethers. A lot of people like to freeze them and eat them for the next six months and stuff,” said Richards.

Some choose to skip other treats during the day to enjoy an extra cookie or two later.

“You can learn to give up something a little bit of sugar or cream for your coffee — or a little less soda, those kinds of things (for an extra cookie). But I’d recommend not necessarily eating all of them. That extra portion — even with the one you have at the time — you want to spread it out,” said Richards.

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