New Girl Sneak Peek: When the Pressure's on, Jess Is a Hot Meth

New Girl‘s Jess is certainly no Heisenberg.

That fact becomes abundantly clear in this exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s episode (Fox, 9/8c), in which Ms. Day and her friends have to dispose of a lot of meth very quickly.

Why does Jess have a huge bag of a highly illegal substance in her possession, you might ask? And why is Cece an expert on getting rid of said substance? Don’t worry about that right now. Just know that the home visit on which Winston’s police career depends is imminent, and those crystals have gotta go.

If you take one thing away from this clip, it’s that Jess should never be asked to throw anything to anyone. And if you take anything else away from this clip, it’s that “Landslide” is a really good song.

Press PLAY on the video below to see what we’re talking about.

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