Wedding guest captures 'screaming' fight between couple after boyfriend dances with bridesmaid: 'She needs to grow up'

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A couple’s drunken argument has sparked some very spicy comments on TikTok.

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The conversation was sparked by the user @djd_nail when he shared footage of a couple arguing at a wedding. The intoxicated girlfriend and boyfriend were in a screaming match over his dancing with a bridesmaid. People were adamant about choosing sides without any real information or background.

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“Girlfriend is pissed that her boyfriend danced with a bridesmaid she apparently doesn’t like,” the video text read.

There wasn’t much to see here, but there was plenty to listen to. The camera was recording outside of a bathroom where the couple in question were in a heated argument. The woman was screeching so loud she was hardly discernible, while her boyfriend seemed adamant about defending himself with expletives. He accused her of hitting him and insisted he hadn’t “touched” her.

The TikToker added, “Keep in mind they were hella drunk.”

Users in the comments were quick to assign blame and turn the incident into a battle of the sexes despite the very little context.

“I can tell by that scream that this wasn’t the first time,” a user added.

“I screamed like this to someone that kept pushing me to the edge. He knew what he was doing,” a person said.

“The comments are hysterical let’s not judge her YET if the tables were turned the comments would be crazy. Run dude she’s not the one,” another wrote.

“Regardless of what happened if a man were screaming at a woman like this there would be different comments going on here,” someone commented.

“No reason to scream like that at all. I understand she upset but she needs to grow up or leave him,” a TikToker replied.

Remember, “abuse is about an imbalance of power and control.” Therefore to assess abuse in any given relationship, one must identify the underlying power dynamics — most people on TikTok are not qualified to do so.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with intimate partner violence, please contact 1-800-799-7233, text “START” to 88788 or visit

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