Giving Back: Good Friday & Easter Event

CBS4 photo journalist Ralph Murciano covers the Good Friday & Easter event Friday.

Video Transcript

- Good Friday but it felt like Thanksgiving for many of our homeless and needy thanks to the Miami Rescue Mission and Broward Outreach Centers. CBS 4 photojournalist Rafael Marziano shows what was a day to remember.

SHUNTEL LIVINGSTON: Today we're doing our Easter event. This is a drive-through event that we're doing for their families in our community. We're giving them Easter baskets for the children, we're doing food drives, we're doing water, we're doing canned items.

- We ask that you come to her right now, Father God.

SHUNTEL LIVINGSTON: A lot of prayer going on here, a lot of joy. The volunteers are amazing, our sponsors, everyone that came today to support what we're doing.

- Happy Easter!

- Thank you!

SHUNTEL LIVINGSTON: We are here 365 days a year, helping the homeless, the hungry of our community, all the low income families that come to us bringing a bit of joy and a little bit of hope this Easter season. So we are happy to just serve everyone that comes today.

- We thank you for everything that you've given us unto this day. This is an awesome day that we came, Oh God, to rejoice in you.

SHUNTEL LIVINGSTON: This day is an important day because we have the opportunity to serve on Good Friday for our residents that are here in our shelters. Also here in Broward County, also at our centers in Miami.

- Enjoy!

- Thank you very much.

- You're welcome.

SHUNTEL LIVINGSTON: So this is a big day for us, that we get an opportunity to serve the homeless community with the Thanksgiving meal.

- In Jesus only name we pray, amen. Thank you, guys. Can we get a hand for you guys?