Giving Your Best: Ruth Reynolds

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– We had so many nominations for this month’s Giving Your Best winner you’d think a whole class nominated their teacher.

And that’s practically what happened!! An exercise teacher… who may technically be teaching people to stretch their muscles… but she’s also touching their hearts, because hers is so big.

Kathy Shreves/Nominator: “It makes us want to get up can when we see what she goes through, you know, all her aches and pains- and with a walker- I mean, we’re thinking, ‘if she can do this, who are we?’ You know?”

For 19 years, Ruth Reynolds -Miss Ruth- has led an exercise class three times a week in North Augusta… as a volunteer!

Ruth Reynolds/Award Winner: “It started out being for 55 and older, but now it’s for anybody!”

And she was over 65 when she started teaching the class!!

Kathy Shreves/Nominator: “She gives so much of her time, even when she’s had knee surgeries, I mean she’s committed! She’s a coach, a cheerleader for us. She’s like the energizer bunny- even though she’s had two knee surgeries- as iron sharpens iron, so she sharpens us.”

Miss Ruth has been involved in the church her whole life and she’s also a big quilter– but that’s not all.

Ruth Reynolds/Award Winner: “When I retired I said it was time to start doing something for others. I couldn’t do that when I was working. That’s when I started delivering Meals on Wheels.”

She says her exercise class at Riverview Park Activities Center is made up of the best people in North Augusta and the CSRA!

Ruth Reynolds/Award Winner: “They really are a great group of people!”

Kathy Shreves/Nominator: “We have a community- we love each other- you know, some of us don’t even know the last names, but we just come in, we fellowship… now see– she keeps ringing the bell, time to start– she keeps us on target. I just can’t say enough about Miss Ruth and how she affects every single one of us.”

And Miss Ruth has a message for others who are retired.

Ruth Reynolds/Award Winner: “Volunteer. If you don’t have anything to do, volunteer. It’s the best thing you can do!”

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