Glasgow schoolchildren's message to COP26 leaders

The world's attention will be focused on Glasgow in November as leaders and negotiators descend on the Scottish city for discussions on how to tackle climate change on a global scale.

Children aged five to 12 at St Conval’s primary school have been learning about the causes and effects of climate change in the lead-up to the major global summit.

After learning about the warming of the atmosphere and the threats to wildlife, nine-year-old Cassie said she was scared about the future.

“If they (world leaders) would try to help our world that would be great because climate change is a horrible thing,” Cassie told Reuters. “It’s breaking the ozone layer and there are gases emitted into the air and everything. Polar bears are dying,” she said.

The nine-year-old said lowering prices on electric cars could be one thing leaders could support to help bring down emissions.

It was important for both adults and children to be educated and take action to protect the planet for future generations, nine-year-old Hiba said.

Using less energy, educating yourself and others, shopping consciously and conserving water were among Hiba’s suggestions to help the environment.

“These are some of the most important things that we can do to save our planet from climate change and if we do all these things, we might make a very big difference,” she said.

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