Glassboro's Memorial Day parade returns following pandemic

The annual Memorial Day Parade in Glassboro, New Jersey kicked off with the color guard paying tribute to the American flag.

Video Transcript

- The heir to the streets of Gloucester County borough put on quite the show this Memorial Day.

- Action News community journalist Ashley Johnson was in Glassboro today for the tribute to American fallen servicemembers.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: The Glassboro Memorial Day parade kicked off with a tribute to the flag. The lively celebration has been a big tradition for nearly 50 years. But among the hundreds who came out, there are those who remind us freedom isn't free.

JORDAN CARLSON: Freedom is not free. It's in our cemeteries in Arlington. It reminds us of what the sacrifice is for the freedoms that we have.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: This Memorial Day was a big comeback, and for some a reunion, after last year's parade was canceled due to the pandemic.

STEVEN RESSLER: This is a tremendous way to get everybody out, to get back into life, and to see the happiness and the cheers.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: The crowds, which drew people from near and far, witness everything from the 177th Fighter Wing flyover to talented bands. But Glassboro VFW president Dennis [? Cleary ?] and John Tedeschi, senior vice commander, who both served in Vietnam, say the focus of this holiday is remembrance.

JOHN TEDESCHI: My uncle John C. [? Foglietta, ?] I'm named after, he was killed in the Battle of the Bulge.

- It's a tough day for us a lot. Like you said, it's not a happy Memorial Day. It should be like, maybe, have a nice Memorial Day.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: The celebration continued here at the Glassboro Town Center, where they called out the names of local heroes one by one. The guest speaker, Karen [? Flaherty-Oxler, ?] was a nurse who served in the Navy for 38 years.

- Well, I think it should be a happy day if you care about the families. But there's a solemnity to this day that really shouldn't be missed.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: From those who made the ultimate sacrifice to the next generation--

- God bless our veterans.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: South Jersey honors our country's freedom, both past and future. In Glassboro, Ashley Johnson, Channel 6 Action News.