Glastonbury 2022 – live: Kendrick Lamar closes festival with jaw-dropping Sunday set

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The final day at Glastonbury brings beautiful weather and fantastic live music.

Although Paul McCartney fans are likely still reeling from his jaw-dropping headline set on Saturday night, there’s been plenty for fans to get stuck into already today (Sunday 26 June).

George Ezra turned up at the John Peel stage in what was possibly the worst-kept secret set in Glastonbury history, while jazz-fusion legend Herbie Hencock delighted crowds relaxing at the Pyramid stage with a virtuosic performance.

At 4pm, it was time for Diana Ross on the Legends Slot, drawing what has to have been one of the biggest audiences this teatime show has ever seen. The Supremes icon wheeled out all the show-stoppers, from “I’m Coming Out” to “You Can’t Hurry Love”, “Chain Reaction” and “Upside Down”. Unfortunately, some people couldn’t help but grumble about her singing (seriously), prompting many to come out in her defence.

Still to come we have sets from Elbow, McFly, US artist Lorde, the Pet Shop Boys, and Kendrick Lamar.

Follow live updates below:

Glastonbury 2022 talking points

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  • Olivia Rodrigo and Lily Allen say ‘F*** You’ to the Supreme Court in smashing Other Stage performance


23:35 , Annabel Nugent

An explosive end to a powerful performance, as Kendrick states: “They judge me; they judge Christ. Godspeed for women’s rights,” seemingly in response to the recent overturning of Roe v Wade.

Kendrick Lamar says ‘godspeed for women’s rights’ in wake of Roe v Wade overturning

“Glsatonbury I said, make some motherf***ing noise!”

22:59 , Annabel Nugent

It’s been a relatively un-chatty set from the Pulitzer Prize-winning rapper who lets the music do the talking, with just a few interludes to hype the audience up.

Don’t forget about The Pet Shop Boys

22:50 , Annabel Nugent

If you can tear yourself away from Kendrick Lamar, The Pet Shop Boys are delivering an absolute cracker of a show on the Other Stage.

Viewers at home, I implore you, have a quick peep!

It’s just one of many brutal clashes to hit festival-goers this weekend...

The 7 most brutal Glastonbury 2022 set clashes (and possible workarounds)

Speaking of surprises...

22:46 , Annabel Nugent

George Ezra gave fans an unexpected(ish) set from the John Peel tent.

While it was packed to the rafters, Mark Beaumont managed to get within listening distance of the singer. Here’s what you missed if you didnt...

George Ezra gave beachside BBQ vibes at his not-so secret Glastonbury set – review

30 minutes left!

22:42 , Annabel Nugent

Just a little over half an hour to go – still plenty of time for a surprise guest...?

A future Legends Slot act?

22:37 , Annabel Nugent

With performances like this, it’s not too far a leap to think that Kendrick Lamar may find himself in the Legends slot at a future Glastonbury festival.

This year, that spot was filled by none other than soul legend Diana Ross. While some viewers had an issue with the singer’s “off-key” vocals, we’ll back her forever.

Diana Ross fans defend singer after viewers complain Glastonbury set is ‘off-key’

Kendrick Lamar concludes a brilliant last day at Worthy Farm

22:30 , Annabel Nugent

Kendrick Lamar is closing out a specatcular last day at Glastonbury, with stellar performances from a range of artists including McFly, Fontaines DC – and Diana Ross, of course.

Glastonbury Sunday reviews: Fontaines DC and McFly

From Billie Eilish to Kendrick Lamar

22:26 , Annabel Nugent

And of course, we can’t forget Billie Eilish – our first headliner of the weekend, who gave us a history-making set on Friday.

Billie Eilish’s Glastonbury set was 90 minutes of noir-pop catharsis – review

Kendrick Lamar delivers a headline set to rival Paul McCartney’s

22:25 , Annabel Nugent

This is a headline set to rival yesterday’s from Paul McCartney. Now if only, there were some special guests on the agenda...

Paul McCartney’s Glastonbury 2022 show was possibly the best we’ve ever seen – review

‘Are we going to have a good time or not?!'

22:23 , Annabel Nugent

“I said, are we going to have a good time or not?!” Kendrick asks the crowd before delivering a joyous and energetic performance of 2015 “i” (aka “I Love Myself”).

“King Kunta"

22:17 , Annabel Nugent

His lively single “King Kunta” is an instant hit with this seemingly tireless crowd.

Surprise guests? Any guesses?

22:16 , Annabel Nugent

Fans are hopeful that a Jay-Z, Drake, or Kanye cameo may be in the cards... Only time will tell.

One of the most visually interesting sets of the weekend

22:15 , Annabel Nugent

Gone are the suit-clad dancers, and replacing them on stage is a sea of wafty red dresses for “Count Me Out”.

Enough said

22:12 , Annabel Nugent

After a heavy dose of nostalgia, here comes the new material

22:09 , Annabel Nugent

After a series of nostalgic throwbacks, Kendrick brings it forward with “N95” – a track off his critically acclaimed latest album Mr Morale & The Big Steppers, released in May.

B*** don’t kill my vibe

22:05 , Annabel Nugent

“Poetic Justice” is giving us one of the best singalong moments of the festival with the seminal lyrics: “B***, don’t kill my vibe.”

Swimming Pools

22:03 , Annabel Nugent

And we’re taking it way back with 2012’s “Swimming Pools”, one of the rapper’s first hits to put him on the map.

Incidentally, the song also makes for a brilliant call-and-response with an eager crowd.

The hits keep coming

21:54 , Annabel Nugent

Another undeniable crowd-pleaser comes in the form of “Money Trees”...

M.A.A.D. City brings out the old-school Kendrick fans

21:52 , Annabel Nugent

An incredible performance of “M.A.A.D. City” from his 2012 album is getting the crowd riled up!

He’s here!

21:48 , Annabel Nugent

From a sea of dancers emerges Kendrick wearing a crown of thorns...

Kendrick Lamar!!!

21:46 , Annabel Nugent

Right on time, here comes the Pulitzer Prize-winning rapper...

Lorde – review

21:44 , Ben Bryant

“I’m the ultimate comedown shepherd,” beams Lorde, surveying a hill of worn and fretful festivalgoers in need of some soothing.

Her third album, 2021’s Solar Power, received a lukewarm response from some quarters. But at the golden hour, it’s a record that comes to life – especially when paired with Lorde’s warm, empathetic stage presence.

She leads with “The Path” – the slinky opener. Her new blonde locks complement the golden stage design, as the sun dips behind the Pyramid and bathes the crowd in a yellow glow. Dressed in a violet leotard and red leggings, the 26-year-old looks exactly like Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde – surely no mistake, although it goes unremarked upon.

She struts up and down a central staircase supported by a giant circular disk that glows like a star. “This is the ultimate comedown anthem!” she says with a laugh, before introducing Arlo Parks and Clairo for a rendition of “Stoned At The Nail Salon”.

A live performance of “California” – about leaving the west coast behind and returning home – confirms it as one of the best cuts from Solar Power.

Lorde’s newfound sincerity fits in perfectly at Glastonbury – review

Following Olivia Rodrigo and Lily Allen’s lead yesterday, Lorde is the latest performer to yell “f*** the Supreme Court” following its overturning of Roe vs Wade in the US. It’s a rare moment of aggression that follows a spoken-word address, which Lorde concludes with “Secrets From A Girl”. But the chilled vibe is quickly restored, thanks to “Mood Ring” and its talk of sun salutations, crystals and transcendental meditation.

“I’m going to need your help to sing this one,” she says, looking lonely as she takes a seat on her staircase to launch into the delicate yet lyrically brutal ballad, “Liability”.

“In the sun I become very powerful and I can get away with almost anything,” she says, introducing the title track from Solar Power.


Her newfound sincerity – a departure from the eye-rolling of her massive 2013 breakout single “Royals” – may be a tricky proposition for those beyond the borders of New Zealand’s utopian landscape. But Glastonbury is one place where it feels right at home.

“This place is Disneyland. This is the dream. Every artist looks forward to this weekend of the year,” she says. “So thank you for finding it in your hearts for a little freak from New Zealand.”

Comedown shepherd, sun worshipper, little freak: every version of Lorde shines like the sun this evening.

Remember Jay’Z's “Wonderwall” cover?!

21:39 , Annabel Nugent

Speaking of Jay-Z at Glastonbury, who could ever forget the rapper’s cover of “Wonderwall”?

An iconic Glastonbury moment if ever there was one.

Kendrick is the third US hip-hop artist to headline Glasto

21:37 , Annabel Nugent

Kendrick is the third US hip-hop artist to headline Glastonbury, following on from Jay-Z’s seminal 2008 performance and Kanye West in 2015.

10 minutes to Kendrick!

21:34 , Annabel Nugent

Crowds are ready and raring to go at the Pyramid Stage, awaiting Kendrick Lamar’s Glastonbury debut.

It’s set to be a suitably extraordinary performance to conclude what has been an extraordinary weekend.

What day and time will Kendrick Lamar perform at Glastonbury?

Who will Kendrick Lamar’s surprise guests be?

21:13 , Annabel Nugent

Ahead of Kendrick Lamar’s headline set tonight, the speculation surrounding special guests has gone into overdrive.

Potential names include the collaborators on his latest album Mr Morale and the Big Steppers.

Looking at next week’s Wireless line-up could help narrow the list down – with Summer Walker and Baby Keem both scheduled to play the London festival soon... Perhaps they’ve come to the UK early?

Fontaines DC and McFly – reviews

21:08 , Annabel Nugent

It’s a five-star for the Dublin-formed group, meanwhile the Noughties boy band have earned a three-star review.

Glastonbury Sunday reviews: Fontaines DC and McFly

Little Dragon wrap up on the John Peel stage – soon to be followed by Charli XCX

21:00 , Annabel Nugent

Over on the John Peel stage, we’ve got Swedish band Little Dragon wrapping up a lively evening set.

Stick around for half an hour, though, and you’ll see pop star Charli XCX taking the stage.

If Charli’s recent shows on her world tour are anything to go by, it’ll be a riot.

Lorde out!

20:50 , Annabel Nugent

And that’s that from Lorde, whose set comprised a good mix of her new album and classic bangers.

London folk can catch her at Ally Pally next week, though!

‘It’s a fever dream’: Glastonbury revellers celebrate the return to Worthy Farm

20:30 , Roisin O'Connor

As the belated 50th anniversary celebrations of Glastonbury draws to a close, festival-goers, crew-members and artists share their verdict on the long-awaited weekend. Music correspondent Megan Graye reports from Worthy Farm

‘It’s a fever dream’: Glastonbury revellers celebrate the return to Worthy Farm

Charli XCX teases Lorde special guest apperance

20:21 , Annabel Nugent

Another special guest may be on the way for Lorde’s set, with Charli XCX teasing a potential duet of “Royals”.

“Shall we dance for our angsty 15-year-old selves tonight?!”

19:55 , Annabel Nugent

“Shall we dance for our angsty 15-year-old selves tonight?” Lorde asks the crowd before launching into her 2013 smash hit “Ribs”, which, yes, she wrote when she was 15!

Lorde brings out Arlo Parks and Clairo!

19:46 , Annabel Nugent

Lorde has brought out Clairo and Arlo Parks for a group performance of “Stoned at the Nail Salon”!

Lorde delivers the old-school bangers on the Pyramid Stage

19:41 , Annabel Nugent

Donning a blonde dye-job and pink tights, Lorde is on the Pyramid Stage delivering the crowd-pleasers! Tune into BBC iPlayer now to catch “Buzzcut Season”...

McFly – three-star review

19:31 , Isobel Lewis

I know we’re living in an age of nostalgia, but even I (a former superfan) am shocked how big the crowd for McFly’s first Glastonbury set is.

You’ve got to give it to ‘em. Almost two decades since the sort-of-pop, sort-of-emo band burst into the scene with their debut single “Five Colours in Her Hair”, the four-piece have packed out the Avalon stage at Worthy Farm.

Things kick off, surprisingly, with “Red”, giving the band a chance to flex their live guitar skills. More rock-heavy deep cuts follow straight after: “Song for the Radio”, “Lies”. It’s some of their best material, but you can tell the audience is impatient for the hits. I think I might be the only person in a 10-metre radius singing along.

At least the band are self aware. “If you enjoyed that, we’re Mcfly. But if you didn’t enjoy that, we are Busted,” the crowd are told, before a rendition of “Obviously” that perks everyone up no end. A trio of crowd-pleasers follows: “All About You”, “Room on the Third Floor” and the band’s cover of “Don’t Stop Me Now”.

“Star Girl” gets the biggest reception for its eternally juvenile lyric: “There’s nothing on earth that could save us/ When I fell in love with Uranus.” Anything post-2008 falls a little flatter.

In short: a perfect McFly set for me, specifically. Others in the audience were left wanting more.

Feed your Glastonbury FOMO by checking out some photos from Worthy Farm...

19:30 , Annabel Nugent

For those of us not at Worthy Farm, here’s some photos from Glastonbury to really rub in the FOMO.

See all the best pictures from Glastonbury 2022

Diana Ross fans defend her against ‘off-key’ criticism

19:00 , Annabel Nugent

We’ll die defending our queen!

Diana Ross fans defend singer after viewers complain Glastonbury set is ‘off-key’

McFly’s set is packed to the rafters!

18:59 , Annabel Nugent

For a Noughties pop lover, there is simply nowhere else to be right now than at the Avalaon Stage for McFly...

Fontaines DC can’t help but grin as the mosh pit broils up in front of them – five-stars

18:55 , Megan Graye

“My childhood was small, but I’m gonna be big!” These were the words promised on Fontaines DC’s debut album. With a steady build in the last few years and then one gigantic swoop of success following their No 1 album, this year’s Skinty Fia, the band have become just that. And on a hot Sunday afternoon at Glastonbury, the swarm of twitching fans who buzz around the Other Stage only serve to reaffirm it. A true showman, frontman Grian Chatten – wearing his usual Pogues T-shirt – throws his arms upwards to summon a cheer. The Dublin-formed group have landed a tough time slot, clashing with Diana Ross in the Legends Slot over on the Pyramid. It’s testament to their fearsome reputation as a live act that they’ve attracted such a huge crowd.

Now three albums deep, the five-piece have been at the forefront of the recent rock resurgence. They’ve also stubbornly resisted categorisation, instead defining themselves by Chatten’s sharp, observational lyrics and their intense, driving instrumentation.They throw out a few numbers from their 2019 debut, Dogrel, along with the sonically moodier, yet lyrically hopeful tracks of follow-up A Hero’s Death. Usually an unflinchingly cool collective, they can’t help but grin as mosh pits broil up in front of them. At the cue of “Jackie Down the Line”, a sea of sticky bodies bash into one another. Fontaines won’t be dying a death any time soon.

In case you missed it, this is what happened at George Ezra’s secret set...

18:45 , Annabel Nugent

The rumours turned out to be true. This afternoon, George Ezra took the John Peel tent by surprise(ish).

It was a predictably crowded affair but Mark Beaumont managed to get within listening distance of Gold Rush Kid. Here’s what you missed...

George Ezra gave beachside BBQ vibes at his not-so secret Glastonbury set – review

Diana Ross review – Sunday Legends slot

18:35 , Mark Beaumont

Soul singer Diana Ross fills the Sunday teatime legends slot on the Pyramid Stage during the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset. Picture date: Sunday June 26, 2022. (PA Wire)
Soul singer Diana Ross fills the Sunday teatime legends slot on the Pyramid Stage during the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset. Picture date: Sunday June 26, 2022. (PA Wire)


Come back Paul McCartney’s voice, all is forgiven. In the weekend’s grand parade of Sixties hitmakers, Diana Ross’s pipes are most definitely the rustier. “There’s a great power in determination,” she wisely imparts, speaking of her struggles to make her Thank You tour and this Legends slot appearance happen, but also of her great epiglottal strain.

The Queen of Motown might appear from the wings in a flume of bubbles to a fanfare of “I’m Coming Out” – looking like she’s materialised direct from a dimension populated by glamorous snowflake people – but at times, over the coming 75 minutes, she sounds as though she’s doing disco karaoke after four heavy nights at Shangri-La. “Chain Reaction”, in particular, is flatter than a landslide hitting Ian Brown’s house.

The effect is a set that’s as much a 100,000-strong support group as celebratory sing-along. There’s still a magical frisson to being in the presence of such a supernaturally famous and universally beloved pop icon, and Glastonbury’s perm-wigged masses are not letting this one get away without a fight. They help carry her initial rush of Supremes hits – “Baby Love”, “Stop! In The Name of Love” and “You Can’t Hurry Love” – which are chucked away early like a Legends slot death-wish. They even will on Ross’s failed attempt to start a singalong coda to gentle soul ballad “I’m Still Waiting”. The star and her songs get all the love; the performance itself is of secondary concern.

Until, that is, Ross commits the cardinal Legends slot sin and plugs her new album Thank You too hard to the watching wallets at home. “Tomorrow” is lively disco fare and the title track a marvellous throwback to her Seventies disco soul period, but the last thing we’re here for is a sales pitch, no matter how sweet. The tropical modern pop of “If the World Just Danced” suggests that all of our problems might be solved with a vigorous conga. Presumably down Club ExxonMobile.

From there it takes a cry of “I feel 47!” midway through a fabulous “Upside Down”, with the front-row security doing their customary dance routine, and her Dolly Parton country pop moment “Ease on Down the Road” to claw the set back, despite a frankly awful “Why Do Fools Fall in Love”. It’s something of a shame that Ross feels that songs like “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “I Will Survive” are her go-to showstoppers, tracks she’s had hits with but doesn’t entirely own. “I Will Survive” even gets segued into “Billie Jean” and DJ Khaled’s “All I Do is Win”. But by now the crowd are singing for themselves, just happy to have such a ravishing ringleader.

Highlights from Saturday at Worthy Farm

18:30 , Annabel Nugent

Here’s our low-down on the highlights from yesterday night. From Paul McCartney’s very, very special guests to Olivia Rodrigo joining forces with Lily Allen over Roe v Wade, “eventful” doesn’t quite cover it.

The biggest highlights from Saturday at Glastonbury 2022

Cowboy hats at the ready – it’s time for Kacey Musgraves!

18:15 , Annabel Nugent

Now up on Other Stage is country pop icon Kacey Musgraves...!

Grammy Winner Kacey Musgraves poses in the press room during the 61st Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center on 10 February, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. ((Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for The Recording Academy))
Grammy Winner Kacey Musgraves poses in the press room during the 61st Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center on 10 February, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. ((Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for The Recording Academy))

Aww – Elbow singer Guy Garvey has “Jack’s Dad” sewn onto the back of his jacket

18:11 , Annabel Nugent

Elbow are delighting fans with their set on the Pyramid Stage! Yes the music’s great and all – but did anyone else see Guy Garvey has his son’s name sewn onto his jacket?

Elbow are transcendent on the Pyramid Stage

18:02 , Roisin O'Connor

It’s Guy Garvey and the gang! The Brummie wonderboys are Glastonbury favourites, having serenaded revellers at Worthy Farm on a number of occasions. Garvey has just removed his jacket (I imagine it’s hot on the Pyramid Stage), but before he did, I noticed it has “Jack’s Dad” sewn onto the back – Jack is the name of his young son with actor Rachael Stirling.

As ever, Elbow have brought out the big guns, including a string section, backing dancers and the full band. Garvey, the closest you’ll ever see to a talking bear, is in a particularly affectionate mood, announcing that Glastonbury is “the place where love was invented”. Then he gets everyone to chant “love” out ahead of a rendition of the slow-burning “Kindling”.

This is gonna be a good one, lads.

Aussie pub rock band Amyl and the Sniffers are tearing up the John Peel Stage

18:00 , Annabel Nugent

Aussie rock band Amyl and the Sniffers are delivering a brilliantly rambunctious set over at the John Peel Stage with frontwoman Amy Taylor decked out in gold.

She’s whipping up the crowd as she bounces across the stage and dances with security guards.

Pulitzer Prize-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar makes his Glastonbury debut tonight!

17:44 , Annabel Nugent

This evening will see Kendrick Lamar make his Glastonbury debut following the release of his critically acclaimed, and highly anticipated album Mr Morale & the Big Steppers. Check out our five-star review of the record ahead of tonight’s set below...

Kendrick Lamar’s Mr Morale and the Big Steppers is a tender, delicate opus – review

George Ezra – John Peel Stage

17:15 , Mark Beaumont



“I asked them, ‘can it not be completely secret? Can we tell them at some point?’,” George Ezra tells a crowd stretching several football-pitch lengths outside the John Peel tent.

Secret? Until the Avalon stage makes a big deal of having booked The Joshua Trees, there can’t be a more obvious secret set than Gold Rush Kid on the John Peel Stage. His official announcement a few hours ago was a bit like a governmental press release declaring Brexit rubbish – the Ezra-ites have been camping out all morning for a set of sun-kissed Sunday vibes that, considering the crush, is about as laid-back as the only sunny lockdown bank holiday on Bournemouth beach.

Ezra – an unpretentious and genuinely endearing purveyor of vaguely soulful and tropical Radio 2 pleasantness – nonetheless makes the entire field, inside and out, feel part of his beach-side barbecue of song. “Cassy O” is a hearty country pop jig, “Listen to the Man” the softest of soft reggae and “Hold My Girl” a stirring glower ballad. The shimmer of “Barcelona” sounds like Hertford flesh sizzling gently in the Catalonian sun, while “Green Green Grass” even comes with a story of stumbling across a funeral party in St Lucia, so close is Ezra to becoming the soft pop Judith Chalmers.

The much anticipated party really kicks off with “Paradise” and the crowd groove gently through the closing third, relishing the steel drum carnival that breaks out during “Blame it on Me” – otherwise a less corny Mumford & Sons – and probably breaking records for mass yodelling on “Budapest”.

“Shotgun”, dedicated to the people under rocks on Mars who “didn’t get the memo” about Ezra’s appearance, sends us drifting cheerily off towards Diana Ross feeling, a little smugly, like someones.

Diana Ross fans defend singer after viewers complain she’s ‘off-key’ during Glastonbury set

17:06 , Roisin O'Connor

How dare they???

Diana Ross fans defend singer after viewers complain Glastonbury set is ‘off-key’

DhakaBrakha review – Pyramid Stage

17:01 , Roisin O'Connor

DhakaBrakha – Pyramid Stage

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Ukrainian band DakhaBrakha started life as a theatre project, rooted in an avant-garde scene that was burgeoning in Kyiv until Putin’s war put it on indefinite pause. For years, the band have served as representatives of their nation’s music and culture, typically ending shows chanting: “Stop Putin! No war!” Today, they’ve brought their anti-war message to the world’s biggest festival, in triumphant and defiant form.

Visually striking, they step out on to the Pyramid Stage, resplendent in towering black lamb’s wool hats, crimson beads and other finery. The crowd – themselves festooned in yellow and blue facepaint, floral headdresses and Ukrainian flags – cheer back at them.

Despite their traditional folk heritage, DhakaBrakha are as contemporary as they come. The whole experience is a riotous explosion of colour; hypnotic harmonies blend seamlessly with African rhythms and heavy percussive bass lines. Never losing sight of their political message, the band show footage of the destruction Russia’s war has wreaked on their homeland during the performance. As they reach their exhilarating climax, the words “Arm Ukraine now” shine out behind them. A reminder for us all of the unifying power of this festival.

As Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky said in his pre-recorded message broadcast on the Other Stage on Friday morning: “Glastonbury is the greatest concentration of freedom these days and I ask you to share this feeling with everyone whose freedom is under attack.”

Today, on the Pyramid stage DhakaBrakha did exactly that. ★★★☆☆

George Ezra review

16:46 , Roisin O'Connor

George Ezra gave beachside BBQ vibes at his not-so secret Glastonbury set – review

16:27 , Roisin O'Connor

Me when the invite says ‘dress casual’


Diana Ross performs a joyous set on the Pyramid Stage in her Legends Slot

16:19 , Roisin O'Connor

Diana Ross and her wonderful choir and backing band are absolutely killing it on the Pyramid Stage right now, with Ross in one of the best outfits Glastonbury has ever seen.

Herbie Hancock review – Pyramid Stage

16:16 , Ben Bryant

Herbie HancockPyramid Stage


Proving that not every 80-something at Glastonbury needs to look like they might dissolve in the rain, jazz-fusion legend Herbie Hancock takes the stage on Sunday afternoon, with a performance so joyful and effortless it’s as welcome as a burst of sunshine.

The largely reclining Pyramid stage crowd, fanned by a cool breeze, stretches up to the tent line for the veteran virtuoso. Today, Hancock and his band stay away from his electronic-leaning Eighties material, choosing instead to lean into jazz-funk numbers such as “Actual Proof”, from 1974 album Thrust.

A glimpse of “Chameleon”, from classic album Headhunters is folded in early on, the distinctive popping bass collapsing into a series of extended solos. “Footprints” is dedicated to Hancock’s friend, 88-year-old saxophonist Wayne Shorter, who also co-founded the Seventies jazz-fusion band Weather Report.

“Cantaloupe Island”, with its rolling piano chords and sparky trumpet line, comes next, ahead of set closer “Chameleon” – the whole track this time – for which Hancock takes on a dazzling keytar solo that ripples right across the field. It’s going to be a great Sunday. ★★★★☆

15:30 , Louis Chilton

Who’s excited for Kendrick?

There’s much said for both Eilish and McCartney’s sets – a talented young artist near the start of her career, and the veteran of veterans four times her age – but the stage seems set for K-dot to make this a great one.

He’s one of the world’s foremost musical artists, at the peak of his powers.

Could be electrifying. Don’t miss out:

What day and time will Kendrick Lamar perform at Glastonbury?

Paul McCartney’s Johnny Depp video draws mixed reactions

15:22 , Roisin O'Connor

While the majority seemed overwhelmed by Paul McCartney’s headline gig on the Pyramid Stage last night, there has been some criticism aimed at the fact that he wheeled out the video for “My Valentine”, which features Hollywood star Johnny Depp.

McCartney had been including the video in his tour in the US ahead of Glastonbury, but many people on social media have expressed their discomfort at seeing Depp on a giant screen at Worthy Farm.

In a comment piece for The Independent, my colleague Harriet Williamson writes:

“McCartney’s use of the Depp video can only be interpreted as a public declaration of support. It’s a shame, but not unexpected. Men back up their friends, even in cases where their mate lost a UK libel case about being described as a “wife beater” – the abuse allegations were deemed “substantially true” by the Royal Courts of Justice in London.”

Read the full article here:

Opinion: Springsteen, Grohl, Lennon and… Depp. What was Paul McCartney thinking?

15:15 , Louis Chilton

Normally I find all the “Paul is dead” conspiracy-mongering to be in pretty poor taste, but this gave me a chuckle...

15:00 , Louis Chilton

Looking pretty gorgeous over in Worthy Farm... was all that talk of thunderstorms just fear-mongering?

(Sorry if I’ve just jinxed it)

Herbie Hancock jams on the Pyramid Stage

14:51 , Roisin O'Connor

Hello! It’s me! Yes, I’m back for the final day, Day 5 at Glastonbury Festival, bringing you more witty commentary and reaction to what’s going down at Worthy Farm. Right now, that means being green with envy at the thousands of people getting to boogie with Herbie Hancock on the Pyramid Stage right now. What a perfect set for such a glorious summer day!

Herbie Hancock performing on the Pyramid Stage (BBC)
Herbie Hancock performing on the Pyramid Stage (BBC)

14:45 , Louis Chilton

Before the festival started, The Independent ranked the best Glastonbury performances in history.

We might have to make a few major amendments after this weekend...

The 22 greatest Glastonbury performances ever

14:40 , Louis Chilton

For anyone who’s just joining us, here’s a little rundown of what happened at the festival yesterday.

It was a special day for festival-goers, capped by a truly special performance from Paul McCartney.


The biggest highlights from Saturday at Glastonbury 2022

14:28 , Louis Chilton

Our critic Mark Beaumont has managed to get within hearing distance of the rammed John Peel tent for George Ezra’s not-so surprise set. It was uncertain if the Gold Rush Kid would make it, given he came down with laryngitis earlier this week, but apparently he bounced back in time for a visit to Worthy Farm.

14:15 , Louis Chilton

Pretty stunning backdrop from Ukrainian folk band Dakhabrakha, don’t you think?

They were performing on the Pyramid Stage a short while ago.

Ukrainian folk band Dakhabrakha perform on the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury festival (AFP via Getty Images)
Ukrainian folk band Dakhabrakha perform on the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury festival (AFP via Getty Images)

14:00 , Louis Chilton

Sports Team, playing the 12.15pm slot at the John Peel Stage, draw in a huge crowd, their post-punk giving CPR to those (the band included) who were down at Block9 and Shangri-la till the early hours. It’s a set full of energy, as is typically, with frontman Alex Rice a ball of charisma. Their new album is out in August. Expect big things.

13:40 , Louis Chilton

Jack White’s been confirmed for a secret set this evening – and George Ezra is starting a surprise set of his own in about half an hour.

Read more about the secret sets here...

Glastonbury secret sets 2022: Rumours and how find out who will play

13:21 , Louis Chilton

Statement from a BBC spokesperson re: the edited iPlayer version of Olivia Rodrigo’s set yesterday:

“The decision to edit this section of the performance was made solely because of the strong language used throughout.

“There were no other factors involved in this decision.”

Should pretty much put the matter to bed.

13:00 , Louis Chilton

I don’t really think Paul McCartney had anything to answer for after last night.

But nonetheless, some Wings-averse misanthropes have complained about the setlist, and Piers Morgan – who else? – has taken it upon himself to defend the Beatles icon.

Full story...

Piers Morgan defends Paul McCartney after Glastonbury set criticism

12:40 , Louis Chilton

Some nice and innocuous celeb sightings for you...

Patrick Smith, The Independent’s culture editor, says he clocked Jessie Buckley “throwing shapes” last night at the Park backstage bar, and saw the Haim sisters dancing low with Alexa Chung. Mel C was there too.

In the Rabbit Hole, people were apparently “clustering” around Noel Gallagher, while Sienna Miller was chatting away in hospitality behind the Pyramid Stage.

12:20 , Louis Chilton

Charming little anecdote from Ben Bryant, who’s on site at Worthy Farm:

Ashlee, who runs a lost property office on site, has been telling me about some of the items that have been turned in over the weekend.

Among the most surprising was a single ten pound note (as yet unclaimed).

She has also taken receipt – and she has promised me she is not making this up – of a live tortoise.

“And we found its owner!” she says excitedly.

12:00 , Louis Chilton

That said, if you want to find out more about stage times, you can see our article below.

Or, if you want the full cahuna, visit the Glasto website itself.

Glastonbury 2022 full lineup and set times by day

11:42 , Louis Chilton

Thought this might be useful... a rundown of stage times for the Pyramid today...

Can’t do this for every stage, I’m afraid – there’s too dang many!

 (Glastonbury Festival)
(Glastonbury Festival)

11:21 , Louis Chilton

Another nice little pic from Worthy Farm this morning.

Wonder if the rolling hangovers might be starting to take a toll...

11:06 , Louis Chilton

Seems like thousands of people have walked away from McCartney’s set last night calling it the best gig they’ve ever seen.

I’m not sure Jess Phillips MP is one of them...

10:40 , Louis Chilton

More on the confusion surrounding BBC iPlayer’s broadcast of Olivia Rodrigo’s set yesterday.

Viewers were left confused after iPlayer omitted a protest song by Rodrigo and Lily Allen from its highlights coverage.

The clip was, however, uploaded to YouTube on the official BBC account.

Glastonbury fans confused as BBC iPlayer omits Olivia Rodrigo’s Roe v Wade moment

10:20 , Louis Chilton

Quite a heartwarming picture, this:

10:00 , Louis Chilton

Here’s our look at today’s weather in Worthy Farm.

Latest forecast predicts light showers with sunny spells for Glastonbury

09:40 , Louis Chilton

Social media’s absolutely full of praise for the McCartney set last night.

At 80 years old, the man still knows how to deliver.

09:20 , Louis Chilton

Something to chew on after last night...

The Beatles albums ranked in order of greatness:

The Beatles’ albums ranked in order of greatness

09:00 , Louis Chilton

Paul McCartney held aloft a Ukrainian flag when he took the stage for an encore at his 2022 Glastonbury headline set.

The former Beatle made the gesture in a display of solidarity with the country amid its ongoing war with Russia.

While McCartney held the Ukraine flag, he was also flanked by bandmates holding the Union Flag and an LGBT+ pride flag.

More here:

Paul McCartney waves Ukrainian flag as he comes out for Glastonbury encore

08:45 , Louis Chilton

Looks a lot emptier than last night...

08:20 , Louis Chilton

What a moment from last night’s show...

Paul McCartney staged a “duet” with John Lennon’s voice during his Glastonbury headline set.

Towards the end of his marathon Pyramid Stage concert, the former Beatle performed “I’ve Got a Feeling”, with additional vocals from his late bandmate.

“I know it’s virtual,” he told the crowd, “but there I am singing with John again, we’re back together”.

Read more:

Paul McCartney ‘duets’ with John Lennon on ‘I’ve Got a Feeling’ in Glastonbury set

Fans question BBC censorship of Olivia Rodrigo-Lily Allen Roe v Wade protest

08:00 , Maanya Sachdeva

Glastonbury fans have criticised the BBC for leaving a protest song by Olivia Rodrigo and Lily Allen about the overturning of Roe v Wade in the US out of its highlights coverage.

Through her performance on the Other Stage, the “drivers license” singer brought out special guest Allen for a rendition of the latter’s 2009 hit “F*** You”.

Twitter users early Sunday morning (26 June) pointed out the BBC’s (which is broadcasting the festival live) decision not to include the song in its highlights coverage – with some expressing newfound respect for Rodrigo and Allen, while others questioning the BBC’s decision to edit out the “era-defining” moment.

Full story here:

Glastonbury fans question BBC censorship of Olivia Rodrigo’s Roe v Wade protest

Day four highlights – From Paul McCartney’s surprise guests to the Queen ‘in disguise’

07:30 , Maanya Sachdeva

Day four of Glastonbury came to an eventful close at Worthy Farm on Saturday (25 June).

Below are the highlights from day four at Glastonbury – including Sir Paul McCartney’s superstar set (with special appearances by Dave Grohl and Bruce Springsteen), the Queen’s doppelganger, and Olivia Rodrigo singing “F*** You” to the US Supreme Court with Lily Allen:

The biggest highlights from Saturday at Glastonbury 2022

Review – Kendrick Lamar’s latest ‘Mr Morale and the Big Steppers’

06:30 , Maanya Sachdeva

In May this year, hip-hop’s oracle returned in a crown of thorns for his latest prophecy: a surprising meditation on fatherhood, family and friendship.

Kendrick Lamar’s work has always been introspective, but Mr Morale and the Big Steppers – with guest spots from artists including Florence Welch, Beth Gibbons, Summer Walker and Sampha – has a delicacy and tenderness to it that is unprecedented for the father of two from Compton, California.

Read The Independent’s five-star review of Kendrick Lamar’s latest studio album – and his first in five years – ahead of his headline set at Glastonbury tonight.

Kendrick Lamar’s Mr Morale and the Big Steppers is a tender, delicate opus – review

Paul McCartney review, Glastonbury 2022: It’s a historic privilege just to be alive at the same time as him

06:15 , Maanya Sachdeva

Sir Paul McCartney’s available canon is the greatest in music by such a vast degree that any couple of hours plucked from it at random would be the best gig of any particular year.

Read The Independent’s five-star review of Macca’s headline set on day four of Glastonbury 2022 here:

Paul McCartney’s Glastonbury 2022 show was possibly the best we’ve ever seen – review

Day time and stage details for Kendrick Lamar’s debut headline show

06:00 , Maanya Sachdeva

Kendrick Lamar is all set to make his debut at Glastonbury festival this Sunday.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning rapper is among the year’s headline acts, including Glastonbury’s youngest solo headliner Billie Eilish and former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney.

Find out how you can catch Lamar live at Worthy Farm for the first time here:

What day and time will Kendrick Lamar perform at Glastonbury?

Glastonbury Festival through the years – in pictures

05:45 , Maanya Sachdeva

Take a look at some defining images of Glastonbury from over the years:

Glastonbury Festival through the years – in pictures

The Queen’s doppelganger spotted at Worthy Farm on day four

05:15 , Maanya Sachdeva

Since the festival began on Thursday, several stars, including Tilda Swinton and Paul Mescal, have been spotted in attendance at Worthy Farm.

One person in particular, however, has caused a stir among viewers at home after BBC footage showed a woman in the crowd bearing a striking resemblance to the Queen.

During Friday night’s (24 June) coverage of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss’s show, the camera panned over to people in the audience – including the woman in a blue raincoat and sunglasses, with a likeness to the Queen.

One viewer shared a snippet of the moment to Twitter, writing: “Lovely to see the Queen enjoying a bit of Robert Plant at Glastonbury.”

Full story here:

Glastonbury viewers joke about spotting the Queen ‘in disguise’ at festival

Full TV schedule of live coverage across Worthy Farm festival

05:00 , Maanya Sachdeva

Day four of Glastonbury saw some of the best sets of the festival’s 50th anniversary edition – including an epic headline set by Sir Paul McCartney (with surprise appearances by Dave Grohl. And Bruce Springsteen.)

The FOMO for Glastonbury fans who hadn’t made it out to Worthy Farm this year was very, very real, they lamented on Twitter.

However, viewers in the UK can watch the festival live stream for free on the BBC, with coverage spread across BBC One, Two, Three, Four, BBC Radio, the BBC Sounds app, and BBC Radio.

Here’s the full TV schedule for your at-home viewing pleasure:

Full TV schedule of BBC’s Glastonbury coverage

Celebrity spotting at Glastonbury – from Kit Harington to Louis Tomlinson

04:45 , Maanya Sachdeva

In addition to the hundreds of announced artists, this weekend at Worthy Farm has also held a number of surprises – from secret sets (find out more here) and a special appearance from climate activist Greta Thunberg.

However, a number of other celebrities have been spotted on the festival site, with many attending the festival as fans.

We’re keeping track here:

Which celebrities have been spotted at Glastonbury?

Kendrick Lamar albums ranked in order of greatness

04:30 , Maanya Sachdeva

Ahead of Kendrick Lamar – “hip-hop’s oracle” – taking the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury tonight, Kevin E G Perry ranks the rapper’s albums in order of greatness.

Read how the artist’s four studio albums, prior to his latest Mr Morale & the Big Steppers, have shaped Lamar’s staggering artistic legacy:

Kendrick Lamar albums ranked in order of greatness

What’s the weather forecast for Worthy Farm on Sunday?

04:15 , Maanya Sachdeva

Weather experts are providing regular updates on the current forecasts for Worthy Farm (or, more specifically, the nearest village of Pilton) during the five-day Glastonbury festival.

Here’s what to expect on Sunday:

Latest forecast predicts light showers with sunny spells for Glastonbury

Glastonbury 2023 registration, tickets and everything you need to know

04:00 , Maanya Sachdeva

With Glastonbury tickets notoriously tricky to get hold of – resale tickets sold out in just over 20 minutes in March, with many hopefuls unable to get onto the website at all – people are already asking what the ticket situation will be for next year’s festival.

Find out everything you need to know about getting your hands on tickets for Glastonbury 2023 here:

Glastonbury 2023 registration, tickets and everything you need to know

ICYMI – Saturday reviews for Haim, Glass Animals and Celeste

03:45 , Maanya Sachdeva

Haim prove that all good things come in threes, Glass Animals’ Dave Bayley proves an indefatigable frontman, while Celeste soothes any hangovers from Friday.

Read The Independent’s reviews here:

Glastonbury 2022 Saturday reviews: Haim, Glass Animals and Celeste

Fans in awe of Sir Paul McCartney’s headline set: ‘Macca has just won Glastonbury’

03:30 , Maanya Sachdeva

Here’s a round-up of fan reactions to former Beatle and forever legend Sir Paul McCartney’s epic headline set on Saturday, with unbelievable surprise appearances from Dave Grohl and Bruce Springsteen:

Olivia Rodrigo on Saturday – review

19:52 , Ben Bryant

She may not have been a headliner, but Olivia Rodrigo delivered one of the most iridescent, blistering sets of Glastonbury.

On Saturday, the Gen Z pop star gave fans a memorable performance with a little help from Lily Allen. No one will forget Rodrigo’s cover of Avril Lavigne’s 2003 grunge hit “Complicated” anytime soon.

Olivia Rodrigo delivers one of Glastonbury weekend’s most iridescent sets – review

“Warm afternoon sunlight gleaming off her knee-high DMs, mirror-mosaic piano, and purple electro-acoustic guitar, this is one of the most iridescent – and sweetest – shows of Saturday at Worthy Farm.

Although she’s best known for her grungy hit “good 4 u”, Rodrigo has a back catalogue full of ballads about heartbreak. Today her performance includes “happier”, “hope ur ok”, and a song she says is from her childhood acting career, “all i want”, She breaks out her breakthrough, “drivers license”, early on.

A surprise cover of Avril Lavigne’s 2003 grunge hit “Complicated” comes next, during which Rodrigo kicks her heels up on the piano. This alone would have been enough to leave this doe-eyed crowd charmed. But then Rodrigo announces that she’s going to bring out a special guest. At first, it sounds like the words “Billie Eilish” have left her lips. And it would make sense – the Pyramid Stage headliner played the night before. But it turns out it’s just her accent – because it’s Lily Allen who takes the stage, and sets the scene for one big festival moment.” Ben Bryant

Who’s Big Jeff?

03:15 , Roisin O'Connor

Self Esteem and Idles have paid tribute to music hero Big Jeff Johns during their respective Glastonbury sets.

The Bristol band performed at Worthy Farm on Friday night (24 June) while Self Esteem – real name Rebecca Lucy Taylor – took to the stage on Saturday afternoon (25 June).

Idles lead singer Joe Talbot dedicated the song “A Hymn” to Big Jeff, who is currently in hospital after suffering severe burns in a home fire.

“This next song goes out to our brother and our friend Big Jeff,” said Talbot. “He’s everything that we wish we represent, he’s everything that is music fandom and he is everything that is love. This is for you Big Jeff.”

The special shout outs have left many people curious as to who Big Jeff is.

Check out the highlights from Saturday at Glastonbury 2022

03:01 , Roisin O'Connor

Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl join Paul McCartney in epic Glastonbury surprise

... Full story here

02:46 , Roisin O'Connor

Olivia Rodrigo brings out Lily Allen for ‘F*** You’ to Supreme Court over Roe vs Wade

Olivia Rodrigo brings out Lily Allen to sing ‘F*** You’ in response to Supreme Court over Roe vs Wade

02:29 , Annabel Nugent

On Friday (24 June), the US Supreme Court ruled in favour of a Mississippi law that outlaws abortion at 15 weeks of pregnancy while also overturning key precedents established by the 1973 decision in Roe v Wade.

During her Glastonbury set on Saturday evening (25 June), Rodrigo joined stars including Phoebe Bridgers and Billie Eilish to speak out against the ruling.

Partway through her performance on the Other Stage, the “driver’s license” singer brought out special guest Lily Allen for a rendition of Allen’s 2009 hit “F*** You”.

Click here to read the full blog on The Independent's website