Glenwood Sunday Market Open For Business In Rogers Park

A Rogers Park favorite has made a return as the Glenwood Sunday Market kicked off its 12th season.

Video Transcript

- A Rogers Park favorite is making a return. The Glenwood Sunday Market kicked off its 12th season today. The sign at the gate says it all, welcome. The market brings together 21 local vendors and neighbors. A lot of people were lined up early this morning right when the market opened. There's a ton of fresh produce there, artisan food, flowers, and plants.

The market is based on sustainable practices. You can take your time and stroll through. The manager says that is a big improvement over the way things started last summer.

RACHEL BOWEN: Last year, we definitely started as a [INAUDIBLE] only before we went to walk-through. Now we started this season off as a walk-through, which means that we have more capacity. And we've actually had over 1,000 customers as of this morning and afternoon already.

- Yet another big difference from many years past, of course, people wearing their masks. If you missed today's market, you do have several Sundays to head over. The Glenwood Sunday Market runs through October 24 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 in the afternoon, except for July 4. You can find it at 12:33, West Pratt Boulevard that's just a little west of Sheridan Road.