Global majority is uniting around common and fair vision for Ukraine – Zelenskyy

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says that the global majority is gradually uniting around a common and fair vision, as reflected in the Ukrainian peace formula.

Source: President’s evening address

Quote: "Last year, when I first introduced the Formula, the world was still discussing various visions and fairly different approaches to restoring our state border and achieving a fair peace.

The global majority is gradually uniting around a common and fair vision reflected in the peace formula. Unity of the world is what is truly needed for aggressors to be defeated."

Details: Zelenskyy noted that 66 states are represented at the Peace Formula summit in Malta.

"All continents are represented. Many countries, different political traditions. I thank all the leaders and countries that have already supported our common vision for peace. And there is potential to expand the representation of states," the President believes.

He said it was symbolic that the meeting was taking place on the day when Ukraine commemorates the Second World War and the anniversary of the expulsion of the Nazis from Ukrainian territory.

"Back then, the Ukrainian people, along with many nations, fought to defeat evil. Unity gave the peoples the necessary strength. Not only to defeat Nazism and punish the Nazis for their crimes against humanity – for the Holocaust, for the destruction of nations, but also to establish an architecture of security and peace that would protect against a new global war. We can see now that the architecture created then did not work. But unity will certainly work effectively. The unity of all who help Ukraine defeat ruscism. And we will defeat it", Zelensky stressed.

Background: On Saturday, the third meeting aimed at preparing for a forthcoming summit on Ukraine's proposed peace formula began in Malta, with 65 countries’ representatives in attendance.

At the first session of the meeting, Ukraine and its partners presented five points of the Ukrainian peace formula, which were developed by working groups, and their vision of their implementation.

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