Global organization created to help sea turtles

Members of the Sea Turtle Rescue Alliance will use telemedicine and cloud-based technology to assist different sea turtle rehabilitation centers around the world.

Video Transcript

KIM LEOFFLER: Sea turtles can be found in waters across the globe and the newly launched Sea Turtle Rescue Alliance is aimed at keeping them safe and healthy.

MAX POLYAK: What we found was there was a real need for veterinarians trained in sea turtle medicine to collaborate more frequently and in more depth.

KIM LEOFFLER: The Alliance, with the Loggerhead Marine Life Center in Jupiter, Florida as its flagship hospital will use telemedicine and Cloud based technology to connect with rehabilitation centers around the world to assist with extending care.

MAX POLYAK: We see entanglements and fishing line a lot. There are predation injuries. So attacks by sharks is typically the problem. There are a lot of boat strikes.

KIM LEOFFLER: But the team is keeping an eye on weather conditions as well. While turtles stunned in cold snaps like in Texas recently can typically recover quickly, sometimes weather can lead to more serious illnesses in turtles.

MAX POLYAK: When they get cold stunned or the weather changes abruptly, their immune systems are stressed. Then pathogens can take hold and disease can start to spread much more rapidly than it would under normal circumstances.

KIM LEOFFLER: A global effort to care for and protect these endangered species. For AccuWeather, I'm Kim Leoffler.