Gloria Vanderbilt called Kathy Griffin her 'daughter,' despite falling-out with Anderson Cooper

Despite her very public falling-out with Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin has nothing but adoration for his mother, the late Gloria Vanderbilt.

Upon learning of Vanderbilt's death on Monday, Griffin took to Twitter to share personal photos and stories, noting that Vanderbilt referred to Griffin as her own daughter.

"I lost a friend today. The one and only Gloria Vanderbilt. I loved her so much," Griffin wrote. "I would be so flattered when she would refer to me as her daughter."

"No topic was ever off-limits and believe it or not I would even shut up for a while because, oh the life that woman lived," Griffin mused. "I’d always plan on wearing something ridiculous to get her to laugh from the moment she opened the door."

Never one to censor herself, Vanderbilt used to chat with Griffin about her tumultuous childhood in the spotlight.

"She would open up about her early life. The trauma she went through as a little girl & a grown woman," Griffin said. "The ups, downs of her life. Her candor was extraordinary. I have no photos of those private conversations."

Griffin was close for many years with Vanderbilt's son, Anderson Cooper, but the fallout from Griffin's infamous Trump parody in 2017 drove a deep wedge into their friendship. Cooper called Griffin's photo "disgusting," and Griffin was axed from CNN's annual New Year's Eve broadcast, leaving a spot wide open for Bravo host Andy Cohen — who is also a close longtime friend of Cooper.

Two years later, the friendship remains broken, and in March she readily admitted, “It still hurts. I mean, I really loved him."