Glowing waterfall in Yosemite draws thousands

STORY: This waterfall can look like it’s on fire

with the right conditions in Yosemite Valley

The phenomenon happens

for a few weeks every year

drawing thousands of visitors

to the national park each February

Horsetail Fall flows over the eastern edge

of El Capitan, the biggest granite monolith in the world

With a clear sky, flowing water

and a sunset at a specific angle

the waterfall can look like

lava flowing down rocks

(Renee Corral, Visitor)

"We've seen many pictures of it and it's just so spectacular that we had to view it, we had to come. I'm so excited."

It's so popular the park has limited

guests to avoid overcrowding

(Chelsie Layman, Yosemite Hospitality)

"Some people are speechless, some people want to come back again and kind of add it every year to get more pictures. Because it is truly different every year. Honestly, it's different every day that you're here to witness it as well."