GM names its e-bikes 'Ariv,' plans Europe launch this spring

General Motors announced on Thursday that its brand of electric bicycles would be called "Ariv" and begin selling in Europe in the second quarter of 2019.

Two such bicycles, a compact bike and a foldable one, will launch first in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, markets where cycles powered by lithium-ion batteries are already popular, the No. 1 U.S. automaker said in a statement.

Riders can charge their Ariv bike batteries in about three and a half hours and get up to 64 kilometers or nearly 40 miles of ride time with a single charge.

In Belgium and the Netherlands the compact e-bike would cost 2,800 euros ($3,165), while the folding one would cost 3,400 euros ($3,843). In Germany, the prices would be 2,750 euros and 3,350 euros, respectively.

GM first announced its e-bike plans in early November. It already has a presence in the electric car market through its Chevrolet Bolt vehicles, which start at roughly $36,000.

The Detroit-based automaker has not announced any plans in the e-scooter market. Meanwhile, its U.S. rival Ford made a $200 million investment in November to acquire Spin, an electric scooter rental firm based in San Francisco.

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