GM Pharm announces health items for sale on Rakuten, popular items featured

The GM Pharm, specializing in health items made by pharmacists, is having a discount event

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- GM Pharm announced that it would be selling popular items on Rakuten for a 20% discount. Included in the sales list are The Probiotics for Woman, The rTG Omega-3, The Folic for Daddy, and The Folic for Mommy.

The Pro Biotics for Woman, The rTG Omega-3, The Folic for Daddy, and The Folic for Mommy

"The Probiotics for Woman" contains 11 probiotic bacteria, including 3 species that are patented for their anti-microbial effects on Candida, a leading cause of female vaginitis. In addition to the patented high-molecular coating technology that protects the bacteria until they reach the intestines, prebiotics to nourish the bacteria are also included, fostering a healthy environment for the probiotic bacteria.

Furthermore, this item contains zinc gluconate, digestive enzymes, vitamin C, vitamin E, and cranberry extract, which boost the immune system. The plant-based capsules are safe for even those with sensitivity to animal-based ingredients.

"The rTG Omega-3" is an omega-3 product that has enhanced the bioavailability by compensating for the downsides in the original TG and EE formulations. Using rTG Omega-3 ingredient, purified using the low-temperature supercritical extraction and supercritical chromatography (patented by the German KD Pharma company), this item is safe for pregnant women, as it has minimal contaminants and heavy metals due to the low-temperature carbon dioxide extraction.

Furthermore, it contains 1000IU of vitamin D, negating the need for additional vitamin D supplements, and thus economical.

"The Folic for Daddy" and "The Folic for Mommy" are folic acid supplements recommended for expecting mothers and fathers. Folic acid is a crucial vitamin to prevent neurologic deformities in the fetus. It is most important during the earlier stage of pregnancy (fertilization to approximately 11 weeks gestation) when the fetus's cellular division is most active, as it helps cells to safely and actively divide.

For women, supplementing folic acid starting 3 months prior to pregnancy is recommended. For men, folic acid may increase sperm counts by helping cellular division and thus, expecting fathers should also take folic acid supplements.

The GM Pharm officials have announced that "GM Pharm will be selling popular items on Rakuten at a 20% discount. During this event period, when strong immunity is more important than ever, we hope that customers will use the carefully regulated GM Pharm products to take care of their health."

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