Gmail's Smart Compose is coming to Google Docs

Google launches Smart Compose in beta for Google Docs.

The automatic predictive text suggestions which Gmail offers users while they compose emails is launching for Google Docs.

In 2018, Google launched Smart Compose in Gmail for G Suite users; now, the feature is coming to Google Docs.

Smart Compose is a tool that helps users compose emails by intelligently autocompleting the message based on an individual's writing habits. For example, "it can fill in common phrases and relevant addresses, like that of your home and office." Over time, the feature makes suggestions more and more tailored to each person.

On Thursday, the G Suite team announced during Google Cloud Next ‘19 UK in London that Smart Compose is launching in beta for Google docs. Like with Gmail, this tool can be turned on or off in settings.

The feature is available on the web version of Google Docs. Users interested in testing out the beta can sign up for it online.