"Goethals" Bridge Misspelled On 3 Staten Island Expressway Signs

A New York State Dept. of Transportation spokesperson said the signs will be fixed at the contractor's expense.

Video Transcript

- Misspelled signs on the Staten Island Expressway are turning some heads. Now, can you catch the typo? Oh, it's hard to catch that one. The Goethals bridge is spelled "Geo-thals." The O and the E are flipped. This is on the New Jersey-bound side approaching the Richmond Avenue exit.

Our cameras set out in search of the misspelled sign and found two others with the same error. Same guy making the signs. A New York State Department of Transportation spokesperson says the signs will be fixed within the next few days at the contractor's expense when somebody figures out how to spell Goethals.

- I always want to get the back story on that. Like, how many people did it go through that didn't notice?

- It's hard enough for people who aren't from New Jersey or Staten Island to pronounce anyways.