GOING RED: Contra Costa Heads Into the Red Tier With Expanded Indoor businesses

Contra Costa Heads Into the Red Tier With Expanded Indoor businesses

Video Transcript

BRIAN HACKNEY: On CBSN Bay Area, the Bay Area is seeing red tonight. In an hour, Sonoma and Contra Costa County will be in the state's less restrictive red tier. They are the last of the nine Bay Area counties to move into the red. That means all of these people will soon have the option to eat inside for the first time in months. Betty Yu was outside in a busy Walnut Creek tonight.

BETTY YU: Contra Costa County is one of the last two in the Bay Area to move to the red tier on Sunday. That means restaurants and many businesses can resume certain activities for the first time since November.


BETTY YU: Nearly every corner, every parklet and every sidewalk was buzzing with activity in downtown Walnut Creek this evening.

KIMBERLY JACOB: And I called 'em, I'm like, are you guys indoor dining? He's like, no. I'm like, but you go Sunday. And he's like, you already know about that? I'm like, yes. Everybody's watching, you know, everything to make sure. So I think people just happy to get out.


BETTY YU: Kimberly Jacob and her friends are ready to embrace indoor dining, which is allowed at 25% capacity under the red tier.

TONIA PERTEET-GAVIN: I'm looking forward to, you know, since my vaccination has come about, you know, you know, I see a lot of people eager to come into our new normal. So it's nice to see that we're now starting to open up. But at the same time, still being cautious and wearing our facemask.

BETTY YU: So far, about a quarter of the population in Contra Costa has received one dose of the vaccine. Tonight at Modern China Cafe there was a two hour wait for a table. Come tomorrow, they'll be able to serve about 10 tables inside.

CHRIS SCULLY: We're trying to keep our policies a little strict, you know, just, just to stay ahead of the game. We don't want to have like a relapse. This coming into the red tier is huge for us as a business, so we want to keep it that way and keep going like in the right direction.

BETTY YU: In addition to restaurants, gyms, museums and retail stores can increase their occupancy under state guidelines.

ALLISON CHINN: I think it's great that we have more places to visit and meet up with friends.

NICOLE AXON: Well, I think it's great for the local businesses. I think it's important that they remain open and that we support them. And it's good for a change.

BETTY YU: Sonoma County also enters the red tier on Sunday, joining the rest of the Bay Area. In Walnut Creek, Betty Yu, KPIX5.