Goldberg Revisits His WCW Undefeated Streak In The Trailer For 'Nine Legends'


As always, I’ll go ahead and give full disclosure here: I was a WWF kid growing up, and I’ve had to retroactively educate myself on all things WCW. Goldberg’s undefeated streak has always been tricky for me, but mostly because I can’t help but hear Kevin Nash’s sarcastic Thunder commentary on top of all the highlights (“Bill Goldberg! A bald-headed man with a tattoo!”). Luckily for people like me, Goldberg is going back to that period of WCW history for Nine Legends, a wrestling documentary now available on demand. As the title suggests, nine legends (seven pro wrestlers, one boxer, and one mixed martial artist) are interviewed, including the man who went 15 months without a loss to his name.

Tell me where I can sign up to have Goldberg’s theme follow me as I walk through a shopping center parking lot, please and thank you. There’s also a full-length trailer, and I guess they’re attempting to weave an overarching narrative into it all somehow? See for yourself.

“In the year 2050, a young wrestling fan is less than thrilled to be spending the night at his grandfather’s house. That is until he learns that his grandfather once traveled the world interviewing some of the biggest wrestling stars of all-time.

Featuring exclusive interviews with Bill Goldberg, Bret Hart, Mike Tyson, Chris Jericho, Dynamite Kid, Amy Dumas, Rob Van Dam, Ted DiBiase and Randy Couture, Nine Legends profiles one of the greatest ensembles of wrestling talent ever put together.”

Count me in for pretty much any wrestling documentary ever, but you’re really burying the lede here if this story takes place a generation into the future. Is John Cena still around, deadlifting self-driving cars? I want the antagonist of the film to be a cyborg exoskeleton powered by Jim Cornette’s brain, which eventually gets superkicked into the sun by the children of the Young Bucks.