Golden Retriever's Precious Reaction to Seeing Mom and Dad Cuddling Is Going Viral

We can't blame him for wanting to get in on it.

No one likes to be left out when their friends are spending time together, so it's important to include all of your friends when making plans. One dog knew the feeling of being left out, so he took matters into his own paws to make sure he was included.

TikTok user @bennythegolden1 recently shared a video of their Golden Retriever, Benny, and his reaction to seeing his parents cuddling together on the couch. This pup was very displeased about not receiving an invitation, so check out his awesome reaction in the video below!

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OMG, Benny's reaction is too good! He isn't usually allowed on the couch, but he decided to invite himself to this cuddle session anyway and worm his way in between his mom and dad. This is one surefire way to make sure you're included in the plans next time!

People in the comments think that Benny didn't break the couch rule. @echonott1 said, "Technically he’s not on the couch he’s on a human so therefore no laws were broken," and @gumikecske commented, "Not allowed? The couch is for the dog." We totally think Benny was innocent of any couch related rule breaking!

Others thought it was terrible that Benny's parents didn't invite him to join their cuddles. @karen.luna_beetlejuice_ commented, 'Benny's like, "You are not about to exclude me on cuddles. Not today, not ever!"' Another user, @keeley.rose.burman, said, "Let the baby on the couch, he wants cuddles!" It should be a crime to exclude your dog from cuddles!

This pup's adorable reaction to joining his mom and dad for cuddles has us watching the video on repeat. With a cute pup face like that, we can't imagine they were mad at Benny for being on the couch!

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