'The Golden Thread That Binds Our Two Countries': Macron Congratulates Queen on Platinum Jubilee

French President Emmanuel Macron called Queen Elizabeth II “the golden thread that binds our two countries” in a video address on June 2, the first day of Platinum Jubilee celebrations in the United Kingdom.

Speaking in English, Macron said of the queen: “You are the golden thread that binds our two countries. The proof of the unwavering friendship between our nations.”

Macron continued: “You have been a constant presence and a source of wisdom for the leaders of our two countries.”

Ending the address in French, Macron said: “Your Majesty, it is my privilege to extend to you, on behalf of the French people, my heartfelt congratulations on your Platinum Jubilee.”

Queen Elizabeth II reached 70 years on the British throne on February 6, 2022, becoming the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee.

The queen became the longest reigning monarch in British history in 2015, surpassing the reign of her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria. Credit: Emmanuel Macron via Storyful

Video Transcript

EMMANUEL MACRON: Madame, during the past 70 years, the President of the French Republic has relied on very few constants at the international level. Times have changed. Europe has evolved. Our continent is again experiencing war. Through these transformations, your devotion to our alliance and to our friendship has remained and has helped build the trust that brought freedom and prosperity to our continent.

Since your first state visit to France when you were welcomed to Paris by a generation who, alongside your Army, Navy, and Air Force, had fought for the freedom we now enjoy, you have visited us many times. You have shared our joys and seen the deep affection and admiration that the people of France have for you. You have also visited the graves where so many of your young men lie and seen the respect and honor we constantly pay to those who were sent from your homes to protect ours.

You are the golden thread that binds our two countries, the proof of the unwavering friendship between our nations. Your first toast to one of my predecessors, René Coty, reminded us that trust and understanding should endure forever. Your words were matched by a lifetime of devotion to our alliance, from the dark days when your family welcomed General de Gaulle in your home, to his joy to welcome you in his. You have been a constant presence and a source of wisdom for the leaders of our two countries.

This year, the 70th of your reign, we celebrate your achievements. We are grateful for your courage, and we share the respect and love that British people and the Commonwealth have always shown you.