Goldsboro woman unable to get title of home despite paying off loan

When you pay off what's owed on your home, it should not be a two-year battle to get the paperwork that proves you own the home free and clear of any debt.

Video Transcript

JUDITH BOHN: I never got a straight answer.

DIANE WILSON: Frustration for Judith Bohn. For more than two years, when it comes to getting the title to her Goldsboro home--

JUDITH BOHN: "I'm working on it." That's about all I ever heard.

DIANE WILSON: Despite making the final payment on her mobile home in 2018, she says, she kept getting the runaround from the company who held the title. When she started doing her own research--

JUDITH BOHN: I finally found out from a DMV person that there was a lien on it.

DIANE WILSON: A lien on her home placed five years before she bought it. After more than two years of waiting for the issue to get resolved, she turned to me.

JUDITH BOHN: I wanted the title to my home.

DIANE WILSON: I reached out to all parties involved, and it took some time, but Judy got her title.

JUDITH BOHN: You managed to get done in three weeks what I have been trying to get done in, and as I told you before, two years, five months, six days, nine hours, and 40 minutes.

DIANE WILSON: With the title in her hand, Judy couldn't be happier.

JUDITH BOHN: My biggest regret is I should have called you two years ago.


DIANE WILSON: So glad we could help get Judy's problem solved. The big Troubleshooter takeaway is don't throw away any important documents. As in this case, it really helped prove her case. I'm Troubleshooter, Diane Wilson, ABC 11 Eyewitness News.