Goo-Goo for Gold: Kansas City Nurses Crochet Mini Olympic Outfits for Newborns Ahead of Tokyo Games

Nurses at Saint Luke’s Health System in Missouri hand-crocheted tiny uniforms for a miniature Opening Ceremony featuring the hospital’s newest babies and their families.

In honor of the 2020 Summer Olympics, Saint Luke’s in Kansas City hosted its own Opening Ceremony, celebrating with “Mini Team USA.” Footage shared with Storyful shows the tiny “athletes” with gold medals, each in an outfit knit by a Saint Luke’s nurse, and their parent “judges” giving them perfect scores. They even included their version of the Olympic flame-lighting.

“Our Saint Luke’s coaches passed the torch to kick off the Olympic Celebration and recognize our newest gold-medal babies,” the hospital wrote in a press release.

The tiny “athletes” represented a variety of events, including swimming, weightlifting, boxing, basketball, gymnastics, and tennis. The families got to keep the handmade outfits. Credit: Saint Luke’s Health System via Storyful

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