"Gooch Grease" Is Trending, And Everyone Is Absolutely, Positively, And Completely Mortified

Something filthy is trending, and I'm sorry to be the bearer of nasty news, but if I had to see, then so do you!


It's "gooch grease."


Yesterday, the term started trending on Twitter.

Why is gooch grease trending.... pic.twitter.com/ZogN9trHvy

— El Cucuy🥷🏾 (@Ejayy1K_) June 1, 2023

Twitter: @Ejayy1K_

And let's just say no one was happy about it.

Several comments including: "so ima log off this until a lil later, hopefully things cool down a bit by then"

It all started with this Fox 26 trend story about the funky goo.

Some men use maxi pads for excess 'gooch grease' https://t.co/ri14LyoHRF pic.twitter.com/RO5hw0YH2l

— FOX26Houston (@FOX26Houston) June 1, 2023

Twitter: @FOX26Houston

Then they did a whole news segment about it.

Top trending topic in the US is gooch grease?! pic.twitter.com/76vBq6Rrdl

— Alina 🔥 الينا (@Firegal_01) June 1, 2023

Fox 26/ Twitter: @Firegal_01

Fox 26 describes "gooch grease" as a "male hygiene problem."

A closeup of a news anchor on Fox 26
Fox 26

"It's described as a combination of lint, sweat, and feces between a man's butt and balls," Isiah Carey said on his show Isiah Factor Uncensored.

  Fox 26
Fox 26

"The problem is so bad for some men, according to some reports, they now have to use women's maxi pads to stop the mixture from messing up their underwear," he said.

A maxi pad
Maria Dobrica / Getty Images/500px

Yep, it's essentially FUNKY TAINT GOO.


People are, well...they're mortified!

Gooch grease is a nauseating term. https://t.co/2eBoGEN9Xk

— Rob Walks®️ (@RobWalks_) June 1, 2023

Fox 26/ Twitter: @RobWalks_

From aching stomachs...

“Gooch grease” made my stomach hurt https://t.co/PQ0DXjxbTH

— Sweet Jones🦋 (@sidsince94) June 1, 2023

Twitter: @sidsince94

...to "this year is going straight to hell."

Gooch grease… this year is going straight to hell 😭

— De$mond Ridder Stan Account (@NHBigChristian) June 1, 2023

Twitter: @NHBigChristian

I am just disgusted.

I don’t wanna know why gooch grease is trending pic.twitter.com/vHKcjoKO4K

— 🪼G🪼 (@miralo_g3) June 1, 2023

Twitter: @miralo_g3

Moral of the story? Wash your butt, dudes!!!