This Good Dog Took Learning to Sit to the Next Level

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Sometimes dogs take their owner's directions a little too far, and that's exactly what happened for one really good dog on TikTok.

The dog, whose name is Charlie, has his own TikTok account, @chuckthedo0d, and his owner posted a video showing Charlie's extreme talent for sitting.

The new video has text that read, "So... We realized our dog will sit when you say almost any S word."

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As the video played, the owner shuffled through various words starting with the letter s; like "serious," "Santa," and "salmonella."

Unfortunately, it turned out that Charlie understood all of these words as a signal to sit down–which is exactly what the dog did. Even when his owner pronounced a different command, "stand," Charlie did the opposite.

Charlie's owner added to the humor by captioning the video: "Haters will say he’s dumb."

The TikTok quickly went viral, with over 325,000 likes, as of writing.

Many people found the video both funny and sweet, with some even suggesting other words to try.

One person wrote, "Tell people he understands Spanish by saying 'Siéntate!' and watching him sit," to which the owner responded, "Oh my gosh this might be my favorite one to try," with a crying laughing emoji.

Another suggestion was funny (but mainly because of who commented it).

"How about: Squishmallows," pondered the official Walmart account.

One consistent theme of the comments was support for Charlie and his skills. Another adoring onlooker wrote: "AW Charlie is doing GREAT."

According to the number of likes on the above comment, thousands of people feel the same way.

Another fan referenced the part of the video when Charlie responded to his owner saying "salute" by immediately sitting down, saying that it was their favorite moment.

In response, Charlie's owner commented, "He said 'sir yes sir' 😌."

Clearly, Charlie is a very good boy who only wants to follow his owner's directions, though he might need a bit more practice–and a lot more treats!

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