Good Hope approves $3.5 million budget

Sep. 28—In its last meeting before the beginning of the upcoming fiscal year, the Good Hope City Council finalized a budget to carry them through 2023.

The $3.5 million in estimated expenses sits slightly higher than the $3.4 million of revenue based on current projections, but with a string of new businesses in the area, revenue is projected to not only offset this difference, but leave the city with excess funds when FY2023 comes to a close next October.

The council recently approved for the annexation of Van's Sporting Good's —projected to be one of the largest sources of sales tax revenue for the city — and have only just begun to collect those funds, which are not reflected in the current numbers. The future opening of a new Shell station on County Road 222 will also bring the city increased revenue not reflected in the current budget.

Before approval the council decided to make a change to one line item in the budget in regards to the 10 full-time employees of the city. In addition to a one-time pay adjustment of $1,500, all full-time employees were also approved to receive a cost of living pay increase of six percent.

Mayor Jerry Barlett updated the council that he had received an email from Chuck Cheatwood with Canyon Engineering that said plans for the city's sewer expansion to Van's Sporting Good's and the Shell station had been finalized and would ready for bid by the end on next month.

"Now we're just hoping for good weather and to start digging," Bartlett said.

In other business the council:

—Held the second reading of Ordinance 019-2022, which finalized the council's approval to allow for the operation of a medical cannabis dispensary within the city's limits.

—Approved the 9/30/2021 audited financial statement.

—Approved the adoption of the second phase of the Cullman County Emergency Management Agency Hazard Mitigation Plan.