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Video Transcript

- JJ, what's your impression thus far, after seeing 10 games of these new look Mets?

- Well, the tough thing, Marie, is there's been no flow, and there's been no rhythm to this season whatsoever because the Mets have had a bunch of rainouts. They had to shut down in Washington over the first three games.

Here's the positive to me. The Met offense has not gotten going the way I think it's going to get going over the course of this year. But yet they've pulled out a couple of games out of the fire. They did it in their home opener against the Miami Marlins. They did it in the first game of this double header here against the Colorado Rockies.

I know their numbers haven't been great, Anthony, with runners in scoring position. But seeing those sort of do-or-die at bats and being able to come through in the clutch, I think it's a really good sign as we progress throughout this year.

- Yeah, I agree with you, JJ. The fact that they've done that shows that they may have a little bit of an it factor going for them. And another thing to me that speaks highly of this team so far is, with all the crazy schedule stuff that's happened, the postponements, all the stuff, they still have a winning record. And they still have managed to, even without the offense clicking, even without guys like Lindor doing what we know they'll do during the season, they've been able to play fairly well. And that bodes well for the future for them.

- Not bad under the circumstances. Anthony, JJ, thanks, guys.