Good Morning America Replaces Co-Hosts with Adorable Mini Anchors for Halloween

Ally Mauch
·2 min read

The kids have taken over Halloween — and Good Morning America!

Michael Strahan, Cecilia Vega and George Stephanopoulos, Friday's rotation of hosts for the morning show, were replaced by a trio of mini-mes for the Halloween-themed broadcast.

"Welcome back to Good Morning America," one of the kids said after asking the crew to lower the camera to adjust to their heights. "I'm Cecilia Vega."

"I'm George Stephanopoulos," the second child said, hilariously butchering the news anchor's last name.

"And I am the Michael Strahan," the third said. "And get this, guys — it's Halloween, which means let's celebrate."

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GMA/ Twitter; Paula Lobo/ABC via Getty

GMA/ Twitter; Paula Lobo/ABC via Getty

GMA/ Twitter; Paula Lobo/ABC via Getty

The former NFL player's mini-me then got up from the news desk and mimicked throwing a touchdown. "He's always doing this," Vega's replacement said, rolling her eyes.

"And you know what else is great about Halloween? The candy! Want one?" the Strahan look-alike said, to which she responded, "No thanks, candy is for kids."

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"Wait, this just in! Breaking news — kids are taking over Halloween," Stephanopoulos' replacement interrupted, holding a newspaper.

The three kids then showed off their costumes, with the mini Stephanopoulos changing his everyday tie into one covered with pumpkins.

The mini Strahan ripped off his suit to show off a look from The Mandalorian, complete with a Baby Yoda by his side, while the Vega replacement transformed into a mini-me of Tiger King's Joe Exotic, holding a stuffed tiger.

GMA/ Twitter

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"And you know what else, guys? Since it's Halloween and we're calling the shots, I say we eat all the candy we want and no parents are going to tell us no," Stephanopoulos' mini-me exclaimed as candy began to rain down on the "anchors."

Last year, the Good Morning America team celebrated Halloween with a Studio 54-inspired disco. The studio was transformed into a sparkling '70s dance floor, inside their "Studio 44" nightclub.

Amy Robach and Sara Haines kicked off the dance party dressed as Sonny and Cher, followed by Robin Roberts, who stunned in a glittering Donna Summer costume. Lara Spencer dazzled as Liza Minnelli in a red sequin suit and matching hat, while Strahan, Gio Benitez and Whit Johnson kept the disco going dressed in gold '70s tracksuits as the Bee Gees.