Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan slams pro-life guest for saying she supports the death penalty

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Good Morning Britain got involved in the debate about abortion today following a change of law in the American state of Alabama.

A law was recently passed making abortion a felony, with no exceptions even in cases of rape or sexual abuse from a family member.

Speaking to pro-life guest Becky Gerritson, host Piers Morgan questioned her about why she doesn't believe a rape victim should have the right to terminate a pregnancy.

"I believe that that child has a right to live, it is not that child’s fault and it’s better for the mother who has feelings…" she said before Piers cut in and asked: "What about the 13 year old girl's right not to have to bear a rapist's baby?"

He added: "Do you support the death penalty?"

When Becky said that she did, Piers continued: "So you aren’t actually pro-life then. You take life left, right and centre. Life is life. Alabama legally takes people's lives when they do things wrong."

Photo credit: ITV

"One is in punishment for a crime and it’s justice, it’s completely different," Becky responded.

Piers also brought up Alabama’s gun laws, saying that people in the state were free to shoot themselves to death before asking why Becky was laughing during the debate.

"They are not shooting themselves to death in Alabama, it’s just funny to hear you say it because I live here and it’s not that way," she replied. "I have a right to carry a gun and I do carry a gun at times and I hope that I never have to use it."

"You would shoot someone if you had to?" Susanna Reid’s co-host asked.

Photo credit: ITV

When Becky said she "absolutely" would, Piers ranted: "People in Alabama would take life with guns, they would take life with executions, and yet they want us to think that if a woman is to have an abortion if they are raped or get impregnated through incest is because you are pro-life, I get it."

The debate had a number of GMB viewers agreeing with Piers, even some who don’t usually.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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