Good Morning: Holiday Lights shift still fun after all these years

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Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

The Friday after Thanksgiving, I had the absolute pleasure of working the Holiday Lights donation boot at Loy Park in Denison. I absolutely love to work the opening night of the displays each year I can because people are always so excited to have the lights back up for another season.

Of course, that wouldn't happen each year without a hard working group of county employees who pull all of those twisted stacks of metal and lights out of storage in the fall and whip them back into artistic delights by the time Tom Turkey has had his day.

Nor would it happen without the county's Purchasing Agent Jodi Platt who oversees the entire endeavor. But, it is the people who contribute to the donations booth each year that keep me coming back.

On opening night, it can be really busy so you don't get to spend a lot of time with each car load of people.

But there is just nothing like the feeling when a small child leans out the window to drop the donation in the bucket, their eyes wide with excitement from the display.

And, there is nothing like the feeling of knowing the display is there for anyone to drive through for free, though the donations do keep the lights shining bright.

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