Good News, Claw Clips Are Back—Here are 7 Modern Ways to Wear Them

The lazy girl’s favorite hair hack.

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The resurgence of claw clips is no surprise—with other ‘90s trends like the midi flick hairstyle and thin brows (shudders) coming back into the mainstream, it was only natural that the iconic hairdo came back into the fold.

The quintessential ‘90s Jennifer Aniston hair accessory is back and better than ever with endless patterns, colors and styles - making it an elevated, almost jewelry-like accessory in recent years. Not only are claw clips incredibly chic and add a certain effortlessness to any outfit, but they are better for your hair than breakage-causing elastic bands, since they don’t put as much tension on the hair.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your office up-do or are trying to look put together on-the-go (I know this all too well), claw clips are an easy way to stylize your hair. With the help of professional stylists (but don’t worry, you don’t need to be a pro stylist here), we’ve curated the 7 cutest ways to wear claw clips for all hair types.

The Classic French Twist

There are countless ways to style your hair with claw clips, but a tried and true style is the French twist. You can either tuck the ends or let some face-framing hairs loose for a bit of edge—either way, your hair is fully up and out of your face, but is still chic enough to walk into the boardroom or go on a first date.

If you have trouble keeping this style in your hair, Hairstory stylist and lead brand educator Wes Sharpton recommends adding powder to create some grip so that the clip stays in place.

Slicked-Backed Elegance

Channeling the ever-chic slicked-backed hair dos à la Kim K, this half-slicked, half-natural updo is the perfect look for any occasion. “You can elevate a claw clip style by smoothing out the front of the hair for a more slick, pulled-back look,” says Sharpton. “You can also modify the look by leaving some hair out, creating different textures depending on what you choose to pull back and what is left out.

Volumized Pony

If you’re looking for extra volume on fine hair, this style is for you. To achieve this look, simply pull your hair back in a high pony using a classic hair tie. Then, separate the pony into two sections, lifting a chunk of hair up, securing the claw clip underneath. Let your hair down—and wallah, you’ve got an uber-chic, runway-ready pony.

If your hair is on the thicker side like mine, try a claw clip with wider teeth to help secure the hair. I recommend the TOCESS Big Hair Claw Clips or the Kitsch Jumbo Classic Claw Clips.

Half-Up, Half-Down

For my girls with short hair, a quick and easy way to keep your hair out of your face (and create extra volume!) is to create a half-up, half-down hairdo. “Starting behind your ears, separate the top part of your hair and clip it up, allowing the hair to fall down with the rest,” says Ghanima Abdullah, cosmetologist and beauty expert at The Right Hairstyles.

Effortless and Comfortable

For the everyday look, the most effortlessly chic way to style with a claw clip is to twist your hair like you are doing a bun and clip it all in. “I also like twisting it up, like starting a bun and leaving the top flopped out,” says Kimberly Gueldner, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Voel Hair. Gueldner recommends MLE Gemini Claw in Chai for this look to add a bit of personality and color.

Curly and Low Twist

This one is for the gals who are always running out of the house last minute but still want to look put-together. To achieve this look, Rachel Spits, Balmain Hair Couture's Junior Product Manager, recommends brushing the hair into the desired shape, then using a styling gel to hold the hair in place and tame any frizz. “Create a tight low ponytail and twist upwards,” says Spits. “Make sure you use a large claw clip that holds all of your hair.”

To level up your ‘do, the stunning Balmain Prince à Cheveux Large White clip is a perfect addition to this look.

The Perfect Bun

Chanel your inner ballerina with this super elegant and modern bun. To achieve the look, just “bend your hair at the base of your head, create a low ponytail and twist upwards. Fixate the French twist with the clip” says Spits. For a more rugged look, move a few pieces out of place or let a few whispers of hair frame your face.

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