'Good boi' dog helps children cross the street every day, barks at errant drivers

Good News: Dog 'guards' children as they cross the street, barks at errant drivers (Yahoo India Lifestyle Videos)

Kupata, a former stray dog, whose name means "sausage" in Georgian, accompanies groups of kids as they cross the street and barks at cars to keep them away.

His protective behaviour has made him a celebrity in Europe and earned him honours from the local tourist board. Tourists have flocked to the small town to meet this friendly and sweet doggo.

Because of his friendly nature, the locals take good care of him, so much so that, he now has his own kennel — and is very well fed.

About two years ago, the dog began to accompany a group of children crossing a busy intersection to go to the park on the other side of the road. Kupata would bark at drivers who would impatiently drive past the kids. He would make sure the cars stop, then as a guard, would accompany the kids to the other side of the road, sometime waiting for hours for them to return, so that they he would help them cross back on to the other side.

Take a look at Georgia’s famous ‘guard dog’, Kupata.

Take care of your strays, they will take care of your locality. There is none more loyal than a faithful doggo.

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