Good riddance to Windows 8: Microsoft will unveil Windows 9 next month

Microsoft reportedly mulls rebranding Windows in the most confusing way possible

After months of leaks and hints, Microsoft is finally prepared to unveil the next version Windows. The Verge reports that Microsoft will hold a press event on September 30th to officially announce Windows 9 and discuss details of the upcoming release. Microsoft is expected to launch a preview version of the new OS on the same day or in the first days of October, following earlier reports from ZDNet which pegged the same dates for the release.

The technology preview will allow developers and consumers alike to test out some of the new features of Windows 9, including the return of the Start menu and possibly an early version of Cortana for PC. We’ve seen some of the UI alterations in leaks over the past few months, but there’s no telling what will have changed since the early developer builds.

We know that the next major version of the operating system will likely be called Windows 9, but according to The Verge, Microsoft won’t give the new release a name at the press event. Microsoft will instead focus on the new features of the Threshold update and the release of the technology preview. The long national nightmare is finally over for Windows 8 users — Windows 9 is on its way.

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