Good Samaritan stabbed to death trying to stop attack by angry customer at Berwyn grocer

Berwyn police said a good Samaritan was stabbed to death while trying to stop an angry customer from attacking a teenage girl at Valle's Produce Friday morning.

Video Transcript

ERIC HORNG: [? Judean ?] [? Alan-- ?] that man who was killed-- leaves behind a wife and infant daughter. Investigators say he stepped in when a mother and child were being attacked.

Tonight, 32-year-old Humberto Guzman of Justice, hailed by police as a hero after he was stabbed to death, while trying to protect others.

MICHAEL CIMAGLIA: The way it all unraveled inside though was shocking and disturbing.

ERIC HORNG: Berwyn police say it happened around 10:00 AM at Valle's Produce and Cermak Road. A customer becoming enraged, police say, after he thought a 14-year-old girl had cut in front of him in line. In fact, police say, the girl was asking her mother, who was working behind the counter, about the price of a bottle of water.

MICHAEL CIMAGLIA: He started punching her. The mother tried to intervene and protect her child. And then, the mother got punched.

ERIC HORNG: That's when police say Guzman stepped in and was stabbed multiple times. He later died at a hospital. After leaving the store, police say the offender was chased by others and stabbed a second man, who's expected to survive.

JESUS SALAZAR: Pulling out a knife, and injuring two individuals, and killing one of them. I mean, obviously, there's something not right with that individual.

ERIC HORNG: Police officers spotted the man jumping a fence, gave chase, and arrested him. Relatives say Guzman leaves behind a wife and infant daughter. He worked for a food supplier and had just made a delivery at the store.

MICHAEL CIMAGLIA: It's just a horrific, terrible situation.

ERIC HORNG: Investigators say the Berwyn man, who is now in custody, has no history of violent crime. And they're unaware of any previous disputes at that store.